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Discussion in 'IPS' started by JLT, Jul 16, 2017.

  1. JLT

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    I have an IPB3 forum which uses 3.4.7 from late 2014 which I have just restored from a backup. I cannot upgrade to IPS4 right now due to the size of the database. This will take a few weeks to figure out. The only option seems to be to put up the 3.4.7 backup of the forums until then.

    I have asked the IPB team for the latest version of IPB3 to fully secure the site until I can upgrade to IPS4 however they denied my request. Can you see there being any problems using 3.4.7?
  2. mysiteguy

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    There have been security updates made after 3.4.7 and in my opinion, it would be very risky to run it on any publicly accessible web. Even if no one knows it's there, script kiddies bots will find it eventually.
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    You can't get higher your stuck on 3.4.7 well luckely IPS security updates you can get. If you browse this forum you'll see threads like this you will need to download everything with 3.4.x in it from the moment that 3.4.7 was released that was october 16 2014. Its a lot of work if you have all the updates you should be save but you'll need to remember that everything needs to be downloaded from low to highest date and that it ended in july 2016 so stuff that was discovered after that time is not patched but that goes for later versions as well. You are better off to get version 4 but this should work for now but there is no updates.
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