Using Facebook Ads to grow your community

Discussion in 'Managing an Online Community' started by Matt M, Jun 3, 2019.

  1. Matt M

    Matt M Developer

    One of our guest bloggers recently mentioned that she used Facebook Ads to drive new members to her new community at a rate of 15-25 a day (growing from 100 to 1400 members in a very short time).

    So I reached out to a Facebook Ads specialist to give us a quick overview of how to use Facebook ads for traffic generation.

    The blog is here if you're interested:‘golden’-community-with-facebook-ads-r1147/

    The key points are:
    - Know your audience
    - Keep the advert simple
    - Make it eye catching
    - Retarget people who previously visited

    Retargeting is especially powerful to convert someone who may have hit your community via a search engine.

    Is this something you'd consider trying?
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  2. Zweeper

    Zweeper Neophyte

    Thanks for this hint. I have no good experience with facebook ads.
    I just realized, that only "strange" people viewed and liked my ads, absolutely out of my target group.
    And of course, no page visits. Probably I just did things wrong...
  3. Matt M

    Matt M Developer

    I bet you could fine-tune the targeting to hit people in your demographic.

    So if you had a gaming site, you could target under 40s who like Game pages or have a strong interest in games.

    A more cost effective way is to set up retargeting so that casual visitors to your site get ads to encourage them to return.
  4. Zweeper

    Zweeper Neophyte

    yeah well, the article above was indeed a good input! many thanks for the ideas :)
  5. overcast

    overcast Enthusiast

    The thing with PPC is you need budget and some money to burn. Then things can work out otherwise it's grinder where money dies.
  6. BirdOPrey5

    BirdOPrey5 #Awesome

    Unless you're selling scams, friends don't let friends advertise on Facebook. Facebook isn't looking to have traffic leave their site and go to yours.
  7. palhanow

    palhanow Enthusiast

    Thanks for sharing.

    I'm going to read this with care. Mostly because after my second year in my new community (September) I'm going in full-ads mode to my Forum. Ads on Twitter, Facebook, search sites, etc.

    Finally i was able to make some profit with my Forum (after 3 years and so many tries) and now I'm going to invest back.
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