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Discussion in 'Managing an Online Community' started by Ashley S, Jun 9, 2019.

  1. Ashley S

    Ashley S Adherent

    What do you prefer on your forum?
    Members/Users being active without posting or posting?

    I know a far few forum owners and they've told me they don't.
    Me personally like to see Members/Users active either posting or not.. I myself like to browse forums without posting sometimes.
  2. MagicalAzareal

    MagicalAzareal Magical Developer

    I sometimes try to hold off on posting to forums too much, as if the activity is too low, then I can easily flood it. Even big boards don't get my full posting power.

    Flooding a forum overloads regulars to a certain extent, as they have a lot of catch up on and might just opt to skip a bunch of topics.
  3. zappaDPJ

    zappaDPJ Administrator

    These days I'm grateful if members post something of substance. I'll always try and reply to keep the thread going.
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  4. Nev_Dull

    Nev_Dull Anachronism

    Both are necessary. We need members posting to provide new content, but if no one is reading, posts aren't providing value to the community.
  5. Questlot

    Questlot Aspirant

    Once a user find interest in a topic they will certainly post, but most time they just prefer to read the post only.

    Like in my own case, some user visit my forum and post once, other users would add link to their post, which I tolerate sometimes if it's not spam.
  6. Ashley S

    Ashley S Adherent

    I agree with you.
  7. Curator

    Curator Neophyte

    I've been running forums since 2003. Before that, I was a moderator on an active board once hosted at (he is now deceased).
    My personal opinion is having a forum with a large (but non-posting) membership is like flaunting fake million dollar bills; They're useless, so I don't keep them around after a 60-day period.

    You don't generally need to register to read forums.
  8. Curator

    Curator Neophyte

    In today's age (geez, I'm an old-timer!) people's attention span is about the same as a toddler on caffeine.
    But I'd rather have forty active posting members who will engage with great conversations than a hundred or more that barely say more than ten words per post.
  9. dojo

    dojo Passionate admin

    I also prune inactives every once in a while. I'd rather have 100 active members than keep my database clogged with tens of thousands of inactive accounts.
  10. MagicalAzareal

    MagicalAzareal Magical Developer

    Tens of thousands of accounts don't take up much room in the database.
    I don't really worry about it, even for the spambots.
  11. Jason5

    Jason5 Enthusiast

    I would like to have active users who post regularly rather than users who just post 1 post and vanish.
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