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Discussion in 'Programming Languages' started by HTML, May 15, 2015.

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    I am working on a website where users can upload audio files, and those audio files are then displayed as a list on their profiles, "johndoe" being my username... (

    How can I make this work? - I need a text box that a user can type in what they want the vanity url to be for that specific upload they are editing / in the process of being uploaded.

    For example, I uploaded audio file cool-drums.mp3. I type "cooldrumsclip" in a textbox for the custom url for that file. I save the form. Now, to visit this audio file, this would be the URL:

    This is an example of my current audio file URLs: , 55 being the track ID.

    Basically, I need to allow the user to define a custom URL for uploads, and for that custom URL to appear after their username like so - (the file URL is originally being index.php&a=track&id={fileID})
  2. Jake

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    You'll need to make your PHP file accept the name instead of the id, and then use mod_rewrite for the rest.
  3. HTML

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    Thanks for your reply. Well, that is obvious. That's the simple part, the other stuff isn't. I'll have to have the URLs be index.php?a=track&u=johndoe&track=audiotitle

    I'll probably have to have the username in there because if 2 users uploaded the same audio file with the same name, that wouldn't work out too well. I guess this is probably the wrong place to ask for help with this, but it was worth a shot :/
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