Upgraded to VB 5.5.3 from 4 was a Failure, what now?

Discussion in 'vBulletin' started by Morg22, Sep 1, 2019.

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    Why would you need to repost thousands of posts though ? The forum's structural integrity is at stake here, so it's not obvious why any of last 3 weeks' posted would have priority over +6 millions.

    If you're concerned about users' replies to sponsored content, just invite them to repost and if sponsors insist to have a full listkng of the responses to their sponsored listings just provide them a text backup for informative purposes.
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    See my post on the last page. Unfortunately it is not an option due to our event announcements and live update threads that sponsors are heavily invested in. Losing those, as viewed as "well they are just a few thousand out of 6+ million" is not an option in these instances.

    Sure there are threads and banter that could be fine being lost, but new releases, tour news, and our event schedules and live update threads being lost is something we are not capable of having happen at this time.
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    I think you might not be understanding the way our business works (I am sure I did a poor job explaining), but we cannot lose those thousands of posts either, we need a way to make sure those posts don't get lost. Those posts that were made are marketing and exposure for our paid sponsors, they pay us to host events, our members post live from those events, and part of their ROI are the posts. So we cannot lose them, but like Alfa1 said, if I can recreate those posts and just change the dates and authors I am fine with that. I don't care if it means staying up until 2am every night for a week, I will do it.

    If I want to stay in business I need my forum working properly, but I also need my sponsors happy, and if they don't get those posts, they are not happy and will not renew. I hope that helps explain it better.
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    FWIW in the interim before you migrate, there is a fix that Tapatalk provided some running the same version of vB as you. If that interests you it might be worthwhile reaching out to them for the fix (not sure what the fix is).
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    Thanks! I have been in regular contact with Tapatalk, I actually heard from them late last night. Some of the issues they say are being worked on by the plugin developer, and others they aren't sure about so I have to give them FTP access to figure it out. We definitely want this working while we continue with the migration.
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    VB5 is the leading forum software in this industry, you cant get wrong with it. Id recommend hiring a VB expert for $100/hr and work around the minor issues, and once these are fixed you will be happy with your VB5 site.
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    I don't know how many more warnings people can post about switching from vBulletin 4 to vBulletin 5 and how detrimental it has been to their userbases. Either the OP looked into it, believed the handful of people using vB5 that claim all the nightmares have been solved and soldiered on -- or they didn't do their research.

    Either way the solution is clear: Roll back to vBulletin 4 with your last good backup and resume operation.
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