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Discussion in 'Suggestions & Feedback' started by R0binHood, Apr 9, 2019.

  1. ehd

    ehd Aspirant

  2. Ryan Ashbrook

    Ryan Ashbrook IPS Developer

    I'm completely on board with this idea with the caveat that we stop with Invision Community.
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  3. fixer

    fixer I'm In My Prime

    We all know once you go invision community you don’t go back.
  4. sbjsbj

    sbjsbj Fan

  5. Greg Spinks

    Greg Spinks Aspirant

    ForumBB for the win!
  6. cornnfedd

    cornnfedd Captain Futurama

    Forums are so 1990, we should be upgrading to wordpress with the original theme and zero add-ons.
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  7. doubt

    doubt Tazmanian

    "Build your site on the world's leading community software
    vBulletin 5 Connect™"
  8. haqzore

    haqzore Devotee

    In all seriousness...

    I was only being a little snarky.

    Cumulatively, TAZ has unprecedented knowledge, skill & resources that cannot be matched in the forum world.

    TAZ is good on XF with and the cornucopia of addons its using.

    But I'd LOVE to see TAZ use Invision Community and it's addons. Robust social features. All the interviews and articles in some well developed Pages. A first party Blog platform. Commerce for upgrades and Advertisement sales. And much more.

    It'd be great to see, really, but a huge commitment of resources.
  9. cornnfedd

    cornnfedd Captain Futurama

    It would be great if you could switch between IPS and XF by the user anytime.. now that would be interesting running 2 different softwares synced up... hmmm
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  10. Shawn Gossman

    Shawn Gossman Tazmanian Master

    Yeah... you're right.... I remember ProBoards too :p I used to run one on my WebTV using dialup :D
  11. R0binHood

    R0binHood Habitué

    I can't say I'm not kind of curious to see this too. None of the sites I frequently regularly use IPS, so I've only had very limited real experience with it on their official forum.

    The only problem is if you started using many of even the first party add ons I fear you'll get permanently locked into their ecosystem as you'll never be able to find comparable solutions from XF to make the migration back unless you're happy to ditch everything but the core forum posts each time. It's the interesting new first party IPS add ons though that I'm curious to be able to use on a real site.
    Last edited: Apr 25, 2019
  12. we_are_borg

    we_are_borg Administrator

    You use the first party add-ons because you’ll need them this goes for XF and IPS the only difference is that IPS has more then XF. If you buy all XF first party add-ons why does it then not concern you. That would be the exact same thing. It would be up to the site owner how to solve this when going to another platform.
  13. R0binHood

    R0binHood Habitué

    My point is that this is a site for admins. We use and discuss a variety of different types of software.

    One of the reasons I visit here is to read about people experience with software I don't use and see what else is out there and see who currently does what the best.

    Personally, I would find value in being able to test out other forum options and their first party plugins through a community with members and topics I already interact with on an ongoing basis, rather than mess around for a short period of time on the the support site for some software where I don't know anyone or have anything to say, meaning I won't use it in a meaninful manner.

    I may not know I need or want an add on until I played with it, tested it, or seen it used in a certain manner.
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  14. cornnfedd

    cornnfedd Captain Futurama

    Like my previous comment it would be great to be able to change software as easy as changing a template... do it!
  15. Alfa1

    Alfa1 Administrator

    Are you proposing to finance a bridge & sync between all major forum software and their addons? :D :D :D
  16. R0binHood

    R0binHood Habitué

    Yes, the top ten most popular solutions please :D
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  17. Oldiesmann

    Oldiesmann Tazmanian

    You could just stick with the "it works so why bother upgrading" option like the United Kennel Club apparently has... vBulletin 2.3 anyone? (No, I'm not joking).
  18. R0binHood

    R0binHood Habitué

    That's actually pretty clean looking, even though it's dated.

    I forgot about the forum jump feature at the bottom of threads. It's actually quite a neat feature to help you find somewhere new to explore besides what's new, once you get to the end of a thread.
  19. Craigles700

    Craigles700 Enthusiast

    You should upgrade to vB5 to a test server and see how "bad" it really is, or isnt.
  20. CarpCharacin

    CarpCharacin Habitué

    How about UBB.Classic?
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