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  1. tristan_SMM

    tristan_SMM Certified Smartass

    Have you ever lifted a PermaBan or ended someone's temporary suspension early? Why'd you do it?
  2. PalePhoenix

    PalePhoenix Prince of Dorkness

    End a temp ban or suspension early, yes. Lift a permaban? Never saw the need.
  3. SactoEric

    SactoEric Enthusiast

    If I'm going to suspend someone, it's not for long... That's not to say I wouldn't, but both sides can wait it out. I've only suspended one person twice. And I can count the number of people whose posts I've had to moderate on one hand. Bans have been permanent thusfar. I think I had one case where a banned member used their friend's acct & I suspended the friend so they'd know I was serious about banning the next time it happened.
  4. Dragonlair

    Dragonlair Just Curious!

    We have occasionally lifted a ban if the person apologized for the infraction and we felt it was an honest apology. They were warned that it was a "last chance" when the ban was lifted. Sometimes a good scare is all that is needed.
  5. Hopes

    Hopes Enthusiast

    We operate on the three strikes you're out system. The first two offenses are temporary, and the third offense is permanent. After the first offense, the member is banned for 30 days and returns with no restrictions. After the second offense, the member is banned for 30 days and returns on probation where all posts are premoderated. Of course, the third strike is a permanent banning.

    I have never lifted a permanent ban even though I have someone who has been banned for over two years and still begs to come back. The reason I never lift a ban is because I learned after my first year or two as an administrator that it's best to stick to policy, no exceptions. Those who misbehave are a manipulative bunch. They quickly fall into their old habits.
  6. East Hill

    East Hill Enthusiast

    Well, I have never done so, but I was banned permanently from a forum by mistake. A brand new moderator misread my report of spam, as being the spammer. This is one reason why your 'ban' page should have some way to reach an administrator. Theirs did not :(. I knew that I had been banned by mistake. I did not feel any better knowing that it was an error! I cleared out the cookies and had to register as a new member in order to contact an administrator. Not something I wanted to do, but I did not have much choice.

    I realise that having a contact admin/mod would also create headaches for the moderator, but there should be some way to contact the website just in case they didn't really mean it.

    So, there's a least one good reason I know of for lifting a permanent ban :) .

    People, both moderators and members, make mistakes.

    East Hill
  7. Hangman

    Hangman Tazmanian

    I myself don't tend to lift bans as I am a very relaxed moderators.... so I don't give them out :p I usually just put someone on moderation "indefinately" and play it by ear. I don't mind the extra work of moderating as it usually pays off. My collegues on one of the forums I administrate do ban people quite often but again, i'm too relaxed to actually ban people. I usually just put the bad users on the forum in question in the "Naughty Users" group then tell Karl and the other administrators what's happened. They manage the members, I manage the staff - I don't want to tread on toes now :p
  8. Loony BoB

    Loony BoB Newbie

    We have a heavy law at EoFF which works incredibly well for us. You get warned in-thread or via PM for the first couple of offences without any ban at all, then a Final Warning PM is sent to them and then they're gone for good - and can only appeal after two years. So far, two people have appealed, I believe, with another likely to appeal soon.

    This means that people never expect that they can get away with things. They know that if they break the 'law' then they're gone and, unless every single mod (out of 20 or so) accepts their apology is genuine and is okay with their return, will not be coming back. People respect the rules a lot more when you're heavy on punishment.

    Of course, the lack of temp bans means that smaller offences (up to the Final Warning) are left with nothing but us telling them not to do it again. I find temp bans to be annoying as, with a very large and well moderated board, it's hard to be consistent over the years.
  9. Dus1tin

    Dus1tin Just a simple man.

    Actually yes. We had a member at our forums, who most of the staff wanted banned for life, then somehow due to a mistake was able to get on and post again, and since I wanted this member unbanned, I argued and we did unban him for a one last chance kind of thing.
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