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Discussion in 'Forum Software' started by LeadCrow, Jun 7, 2011.

  1. LeadCrow

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    Perhaps the planned v8 rewrite was too ambitious, especially on low manpower, and given a new start cant be postponed forever while vbulletin is still down (UBB 7.5 looks very dated nowadays). That, and the loss of helper Scott Young seemed to have slowed it even further.

    Thoughts on how to kick back UBB into life?

    - Maybe go for a lightweight core forum system (like xenforo), keeping extras for either commercially sold extensions or user-provided addons?

    - rebase on common standards from nowadays to not need reinventing the wheel and get more done faster? Such as using rising frameworks (zend, jquery...), existing scripts (like ckeditor, flash uploader...)...

    - Share updates far more, even if it's just to post different teaser screenshots from aspects already reported about. Hype dies quick in this 'dog eats dog' world.

    - An app 'marketplace' accessible from admincp?

    - unite UBB ressource sites/forums into a single one. Fragmentation sucks.
    (and seriously, freshen the site's look already, it looks like a site that was not updated since the dawn of Geocities)
  2. MattF

    MattF Developer

    The new owner appears to have good skills for communicating with people.
  3. tHud

    tHud Neophyte

    The new owner has said practically nothing.
    I am under the impression that it's a one man show (again).
  4. LeadCrow

    LeadCrow Apocalypse Admin

    2 visibly, with a small slew of 'work for hire' faceless codemonkeys, with assistance from senior UBB contributors.
    From the looks of it, this was a sale rushed to get a foot into the commercial messageboard business for reasonably cheap.

  5. sunsettommy

    sunsettommy Enthusiast

    The one thing that absolutely gobsmacked me.Was the pay based software that has so little coding manpower support behind it.

    Now with new ownership settling in place.They are doing the wise thing and make a new version update (7.6) with bug fixes.

    But version 8 will be a long way off.
  6. TrixieTang

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    I'm not sure what to think about this. On one hand the new owner hasn't shown enough of themselves to make them look like a good owner. But on the other hand change was needed, Rick alone just couldn't have handled everything. I'm just not sure if I agree with the type of change Rick decided on.

    This could end badly or it could turn around and surprise everyone. It's really anyone's guess what will happen now.
  7. sunsettommy

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    It has been a year now and STILL they are on version 7.5.6!

    Surdude is the only visible developer they have and he has been working on the next version for at least 6 months and supposedly in the final stretch to a beta release of version 7.6


    In my opinion taking this long for an update will always make them be behind the developing curve.It is a shame really because it does have potential to be a good forum software but lacking a development team to carry the ball.
  8. TronXD

    TronXD Aspirant

    UBB needs a complete rewrite IMO. It is way too dated and way to many features missing ect...
  9. UXP

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    SirDude is also the owner of a Warez site that runs UBB.
    He once invited me over to it in order to get a free license to UBB.
    I never did download UBB but I did go to his website and register to find out it was a warez website/forum.

    Kind of weird for a developer to run a warez site and to also give away a product that he develops.
  10. sunsettommy

    sunsettommy Enthusiast

    They WERE doing a rewrite for version 8.0 but that was when Rick baker and TWO developers working on it.But Rick has left UBB and the other two developers have left the scene one who died January 2011.

    I get the impression they were about 90 + % done but now with just ONE developer working on version 7.6 the rewrite is sitting there gathering dust.

    It might be better to consider going to free software status and build a developer group because it appears this is a dying software as it is now.
  11. echo_off

    echo_off Life is an illusion...

    Well, hopefully they get back on their feet. Also, wasn't UBB.Threads the predecessor of vBulletin?

    Actually, just realized that this is an old thread.
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