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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by Daniel, Aug 15, 2019.

  1. Daniel

    Daniel Aspirant


    Sometimes while I am at work I randomly think of idea's. Today, my idea just happened to be related to a forum.

    The idea is based around learning side by side with others on various topics such as programming, forum management, Microsoft tools such as MDT, PC building, starting a Minecraft server etc.

    I think some of the stuff mentioned has a forum or a website of some sort that may focus on them so maybe we'd not include those. However I can't help but wonder how the idea would do because I enjoy learning new things and digging into how I can get to my end goal. Heck, it's part of what I do at work a good chunk of the time and it's quite a lot of fun.

    I haven't thought through the idea a ton and I don't have any plans to execute said idea but I wanted to kind of throw it out there and see if the concept is even moderately good.
  2. Nev_Dull

    Nev_Dull Anachronism

    It seems to work for Lifehacker.

    Most people enjoy "how stuff is made" or how do I...?" content, so I can see having an audience for it. To me, though, what you've described seems like it would be better as a blog or wiki, rather than a forum. Most people aren't going to want to read through a long discussion from people trying to come to consensus on the best way to accomplish something. Perhaps you could have a related forum, where you could throw out ideas and let the members bash it out, then move the result to the wiki/blog, etc.
  3. Daniel

    Daniel Aspirant

    That's true, I didn't consider how long a thread would get and that readers wouldn't want to dig through all of that. I'd almost say having a blog front end with a Forum for folks to discuss how to do something and make it something like a Knowledge base article but only in a blog post format is a good way of executing the idea.

    I also just thought of an idea that if I keep with the idea of "How to..." with computer/technology based things specifically it could potentially turn into a YouTube/Video creation idea as opposed to text. Some folks quite prefer following a long with a video, at least the visual people.
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