The Great Ezboard Disaster of 2005

Discussion in 'Forum Software' started by writerfriendly, Jun 2, 2005.

  1. jasonlustig

    jasonlustig Aspirant

    I believe that their CEO said something in one of his updates that they plan on giving access to the data now... too late, I guess. Well, at least then someone can write a decent exporter for ezboard data :p

  2. Biker

    Biker The One & Only Biker

    dont know but i ust to have EZ board , glad i aint got it and also all my back up is on a disk and floppy disk lolz...
    i take backup every hour!
  3. Auralita

    Auralita Aspirant

    I'm the owner and administrator of an Ezboard Gold Forum. We created it as a private forum for a group of friends and promoted it to Gold only to prevent strangers from viewing and hacking the forum ( we had some "issues" with people from a previous board).
    At first we did not have any problem, but suddenly a lot of bugs started to develop: you got logged out unexpectedly, you couldn't then log it, the "latest posts" feature doesn't work properly...
    I also post in some other ezboard communities, and they had even worst problems: spyware, trojan and porn ads.
    And then this absolute wipe out of the boards.
    We have been somewhat fortunate: they just deleted "some" of our posts.
    But we are very angry and are moving to a proper domain.

    I have seen ezboard going downhill in just 2 years.
    What a pity.
  4. Kathy

    Kathy Tazmanian Veteran


    vBulletin has an ezboard importer. Perhaps something like that could help at this point?
  5. jasonlustig

    jasonlustig Aspirant

    I know that they have an ezboard importer, but it doesn't get things like passwords and so on and as far as I know, they don't release the code but do the import for you. This requires you giving them access to their servers......

  6. Lisa

    Lisa Chaotically Proportional

    As far as I'm aware, it also doesn't import users across (I looked into getting it done for an old ezboard of mine that I wanted the posts from lol) and I believe that's what the email said.
  7. PSF

    PSF Aspirant

    I've been using a very good ezboard importer for phpBB. It pulls users, creates post counts and join dates, etc. We will then take the data from phpBB to whatever paid solution we end up using.
  8. jasonlustig

    jasonlustig Aspirant

    Where's this ezboard importer? I've searched all over the 'net for one but can't find one except for the vB people.

  9. lurker0317

    lurker0317 Neophyte

    one board I admin at EZBoard has about 3000 registered users (less that that are active, though... ) with the board itself going back to late summer 2000.

    We lost about 50% of what was up there, but the bummer is the archive forums.

    Our renewal anniversary was in December, and we opted at that time for another year, but with the proviso that we seriously consider migrating to a new system this fall... they are charging us over $600 annually for Gold community, and with the number of bugs, etc, and now obviously no friggin' backups (I started in mainframes, and it was de rigeur to have off-site strorage of backups, taken daily... and log tapes were running continuously, so very little data would be lost in case of a disaster. I remember one local supermarket chain whose entire facilty burned down, and they were up and running all systems at a temp. location within 12 hours.)

    Now with the possiblity of hackers, I would think that off-site backups would be a given for something like EZBoard.

    Vanchau is gone? Oh. He is still listed as being on the advisory board, however... ????
  10. PacMan

    PacMan Tazmanian

    If you dont mind me asking, what does $600 a year at ezboard get you?
  11. PSF

    PSF Aspirant

    Their pricing is outrageous. The community I go to gets 115k hits a day. So by ezboard's math, that comes out to the following:

    If you have a 12 month contract, 100k hits a month costs you $21 a month. So the site I'm talking about does 3461500 hits a month. Minus the initial 100k, we are left with 3.36 million hits a month. For the sake of argument, let's round that down to 3 million.

    So on top of the initial $21 a month, ezboard does the following to calculate costs:

    So 3 million divided by 5,000 = 600 + the initial 21 = $621 a MONTH for hosting fees.

    THAT is excessive, and the more people that realize that coupled with this latest disaster doesn't bode well for ezboard.
  12. MojaveGator

    MojaveGator Neophyte

    There seem to be two different factions on my board: One group who says "No big deal, it's only a sports board, we can live with losing a few posts." These people like the board where it is. The other faction says that this whole thing was a pain in the tail, and that other boards offer more features and fewer hassles.

    We're not a gold board, so cost is not an issue with us. We have around 2,600 registered users, and I would say that perhaps 50 are currently regular participants. Being a sports board (mainly a football board), our traffic is very seasonal. There have been almost 500 users on the board in a single day at peak times.

    I decided to put this to a vote in an online poll. I am inclined to leave EZBoard, but will likely abide by the users' wishes.
  13. Michael Merritt

    Michael Merritt Enthusiast

    I'm surprised with some of the people who are STILL paying these outrageous amounts for ezBoard. It may be comfortable and simple to use, but for the amount of money you're paying, you could probably afford a dedicated server with the software of your choice on it.

    Given that handling donations might be a little more difficult, but it'd still probably be more worth it to just open up a paypal account and handle donations through there.
  14. southernlady

    southernlady Coder/Designer

    I don't know about the ezboard importer but the phpbb importer got passwords, ect for my crowd when I transferred my board to vbulletin. Liz
  15. PSF

    PSF Aspirant

    the importer I linked above does NOT grab passwords or email sets a default password and email address, and it will have to be manually altered from there.

    Also, a mod is going to have to go through and ban any users that are banned on the ezboard.
  16. Candace

    Candace Aspirant

    Yep I have a three year old Ezboard and lost close to 130,000 posts, boom all wiped out. I was not happy. 3 weeks later I did get all my topics back with just a little corruption ... so many others did not though. Will be interesting to see what they do to compensate. :Order:
  17. linda040899

    linda040899 Aspirant

    I have an EZboard site that went down is their current disaster, but I also opened a new vBulletin board not quite 2 weeks before the supposed "hack." I was told there's a way to convert EZboard to vBulletin but I had so many messages that I decided to copy/paste what I really wanted and just leave the rest in archive on the EZboard site.

    Linda L.
  18. PiscesCEO

    PiscesCEO Neophyte


    We will be moving our commercial bbs to a diferent setup eventually. But we will be remaining until the bitter end of the current fight, both to try and give hope to the people being CONSTANTLY attacked by ezboard shills and sponsored trolls and also to emphasize that this shoddy company is not going ot bully us.

    We used ezboard (as a paid service provider) for our business for a combination of reasons, the main one of which was the set of representations made by ezboard as to their service provision. Hellloooo law suit basically.

    -Jonathan Nolan
    CEO Pisces All Media
  19. BarbieH

    BarbieH Aspirant

    You may find this information interesting. I have started searching for information on implied warranties that may apply to the EZ Board situation.

    From (Underlines and italics below mine.)

    ยง 2308. Implied warranties

    Release date: 2004-05-18

    (a) Restrictions on disclaimers or modifications (such as the "as is" clause and subsequent changes to the TOS) No supplier may disclaim or modify (except as provided in subsection (b) of this section) any implied warranty to a consumer with respect to such consumer product if:

    (1) such supplier makes any written warranty to the consumer with respect to such consumer Product, or

    (2) at the time of sale, or within 90 days thereafter, such supplier enters into a service contract with the consumer which applies to such consumer product. (As I read this, EZ Board's promise to provide regular backups for a price to Gold Communities would constitute a service contract.)

    (b) Limitation on duration For purposes of this chapter (other than section 2304 (a)(2) of this title), implied warranties may be limited in duration to the duration of a written warranty of reasonable duration, if such limitation is conscionable and is set forth in clear and unmistakable language and prominently displayed on the face of the warranty.

    (c) Effectiveness of disclaimers, modifications, or limitations A disclaimer, modification, or limitation made in violation of this section shall be ineffective for purposes of this chapter and State law. (EZ Board's Gold Community backups, the service contract for which these communities paid, would nullify any disclaimers EZ Board made in its TOS.)
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