The big three? (Not a "which is better" thread)

Discussion in 'Forum Software' started by biggazillakilla, Mar 9, 2004.

  1. Kathy

    Kathy Tazmanian Veteran

    I think best has everything to do with the choices we have. People creating forums want software that is:

    Easy to install and upgrade
    Flexible use with other integrations
    Ability for use on small grow into huge ones
    Efficient support

    The top three softwares represent the push by the authors to add what is wanted by the customers for webhosted solutions.
  2. biggazillakilla

    biggazillakilla Adherent

    Yes, their support has really improved since they closed the "free" help section. All my tech support tickets have been responded to very quickly.
  3. Wayne Luke

    Wayne Luke Tazmanian

    vBulletin doesn't charge for basic support either. The only support fees are with priority and telephone support and are optional.

    The $30.00 fee is not associated with support in anyway.
  4. Subhadip

    Subhadip Adherent

    I never said that the $30 fee is associated with support.

    But someone pointed out that it is like paying for support; year after year.
  5. Wayne Luke

    Wayne Luke Tazmanian

    I was just clearing it up...
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