Temporary bans - do they work?

Discussion in 'Members & Staff' started by jair101, Aug 8, 2017.

  1. Lala

    Lala Participant

    We do moderation, short-term ban (1-2 weeks), long-term ban (1-2 years), and perma ban. Short-term ban is for people who know the rules but got too comfortable; works well. And long-term bans - after a while it gets hard to separate who really shouldn't be allowed back ever again and who could be given another chance years later. Someone emails, and I don't remember what the issue was. 20 posts on account, banned 7 years ago by a mod long gone, for "harassing members." What was the story, was it a troll or an aspie looking for friends? So we started doing 1-2 year bans for those who could be allowed back.
  2. Pete

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    Do the people who get a one year ban ever come back?
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  3. Lala

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    I don't know yet, not enough data. We started doing it three years ago, had one 1-year ban; came back as soon as the time was up, hung around for three weeks, got two warnings from mods, left on their own, will probably be back. Those who were perma banned - usually ask to be back in about a year and a half, and then again in 5 years or so. 5-year ones tend to work out better, but vBulletin has 2 years as a maximum ban duration. We have a narrow niche...
  4. Pete

    Pete Flavours of Forums Forever

    Interesting, that must be a really specific niche, my experience of temp bans is that only the troublemakers want back in, and the people who aren't outright troublemakers took the hint before getting to a point of ban anyway.
  5. Lala

    Lala Participant

    Mental health :)
  6. Pete

    Pete Flavours of Forums Forever

    Yeah, that I can imagine would actually work.
  7. Xiammes

    Xiammes Aspirant

    We rarely, if ever actually permanently ban anyone, its typically used for the worst of the worst, or ad bots/spammers. We make heavy use of temporary bans, depending on the rule violation we start with warnings and then small bans of 3 days, that on repeated offenses can scale upwards of months, eventually leading to a perm. We allow every member to appeal their ban by talking to the staff at large in a court system.

    Its a lot of work, but I think our approach works because we don't treat the members like they are animals, they converse directly with the staff, animosity and unjust resentment are low and more often then you think we can have a conversation about the behavior. It doesn't reform behavior, someone who is a dick will continue being a dick, but usually with more care to not slip into bannable behavior. Some people are just upset over a incident and need to calm down and realize their behavior was unacceptable. Its a mixed bag and it requires a ton of effort, especially for larger forums, but I think its the ideal system and I can't give any seal of approval to communities who liberally use permanent bans for members.
  8. Dragonchilde

    Dragonchilde Participant

    They do for my community; the nature of the beast is that people want to be a part of it; bans are usually issued because someone got their knickers in a twist, and they need a time out.

    They work best in the young writers' portion of our community; mostly teens, and they really, really place a lot of value on their participation and usernames. In fact, we have a function to remove their ability to use the forums, but can still use other features of the site. I've only had to do it a few timed, and in most cases, it's been effective, and has resulted in an apology.

    The adult forums? Not so much.
  9. diadi

    diadi Enthusiast

    I do temporary bans based off of warning points:
    1 point - warning
    2 points - 1 week ban
    3 points - 1 month ban
    4 points - permaban

    Points expire after 6 months to one year, depending on the type of warning, unless a moderator/admin decides it should stick around longer. I don't notify the user about specific ban lengths. Users get a generic message when they receive a warning:
    Your actions in this message ([url={url}]{title}[/url]) are not appropriate:
    We cannot allow users to be abusive, overly aggressive, threatening, or to "troll". This does not follow our rules. Your message may have been removed or altered.
    Your account's access may be limited based on these actions. Please keep this in mind when posting or using our site.
    Longer, or permanent, bans can be given out depending on the severity of the offense.

    People can also get temporary and permanent bans after receiving a certain number of negative post ratings (Tolling or Abhorrent). This is based off of posts to negative ratings ratio. Once a user makes a few hundred posts negative ratings have no affect on their account (but they don't know that ;) ). This allows the community to police themselves a bit. Trolls and people looking to do nothing but sh*t post get the boot by the community pretty quickly.

    Usually temporary bans do the trick. They aren't very common on the forum though.
  10. BlackSpot

    BlackSpot Participant

    I use temp bans a lot, mainly for being rude in a nasty way to other members. Some settle down and you never hear another cross word from them, others need a ba more than once, but they usually have other issues. I have one member who actually asks to be banned for a period, mainly so he doesn't get distracted, but he can be an arsehole too and I've banned him for longer than his 6 months request - he still came back after a year. Warnings are usually enough to tone things down.
  11. zappaDPJ

    zappaDPJ Administrator

    BlackSpot your forum ico file is displaying vBulletin's default graphic. With all the amazing talent you have on your forum I'm sure someone could come up with a more fitting design :)
  12. Shin Ryoku

    Shin Ryoku Fan

    I do a fair number of 1 month bans and find that they work pretty well most of the time.
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