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  1. Jerry_

    Jerry_ Aspirant

    Position requested: Tech Administrator, $60 per month
    Past experiences: I have over 17 years experience as a web developer.
    Genre: Any
    Forum software you're familiar with: All
    How large, and busy, was the last forum you (helped) manage(d): I've worked on thousands of websites and apps, including, YGLadies and Anxiety Space, I'm also the go-to person for complex and difficult projects faced by major web studios, including Magnetik, GoLive ID and WME,
    What is your moderation/administration style: Knowledgeable, honest and professional.
    Area of expertise: My expertise is vast, everything from HTML, CSS and Javascript, to the backend including Nginx, PHP and MySQL, to server management and fine-tuning.
    Why are you offering your time to someone: I have a special place in my heart for forums.
    How do you wish to be contacted: Via email