Implemented TAZ should have #hashtags

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Feedback' started by PoetJC, Jul 26, 2017.

  1. Hell to the ABSOLUTE YEAH! Hashtagging is kewl.

  2. Uhhh.... Hashtags? Seriously... Who cares... ((sigh...))

  3. Hell to the ABSOLUTE NO! No need for hashtagging here.

  1. Jura

    Jura Devotee

    They're more or less tags, but they're embedded in a post instead of up top. If they were made to link with the regular thread tags instead of separate I don't see it as bad. Linking would check permissions of who can tag like regular thread tags.

    It's the same thing nearly except one seems to offend people based on how they see it as exclusive to social networks.
  2. Joel R

    Joel R Fan

    So, I wonder if hashtagging can become an open system that's subject to moderator oversight. Like, anybody can add new hashtags and a mod can remove or delete hashtags after the fact.

    In general though, I like hashtags. And its not just a personal preference, but hashtags are more powerful than tags:

    1. You define tags at time of topic creation. But those tags don't change or get updated over the course of the conversation. You can have new ideas, people, or concepts introduced in the forum topic but there's no identifying marker. Hashtags can keep up with unfolding, fast moving, or trending conversations, which I think is especially relevant in today's.modern communities there where we need to be more responsive than ever.

    2. They're easier to use. At least on IPS, tags are a separate field. Hashtags are done inline as part of the regular editor. That makes them more accessible to the casual user.

    3. Hashtags are also well understood. Modern social networks are huge in hashtags, and it's something that is understood by modern users.

    Most of all though, I think it can present a compelling new way of looking at trending ideas or themes that emerge on a board in real time. If there are a bunch of people who are hashtagging a certain idea or topic in a short amount of time, that would bubble up the hashtag as a realtime crowd indicator. It would be another way to inject real time tracking to our communities. Right now in IPS, we can track popular topics based on activity or reactions, but they're limited to single topics (eg. If one topic has a lot of replies). But one of the huge challenges for complex communities is if we're multi content with galleries, blogs, articles, resources, topics, or other unique content types. Hashtags could let us see trending themes and flashpoints at a macro level across all item types.

    I think, like any open system, it can be open to abuse. But we've always had that risk for forums. Your forum rules that govern content can and should also cover any tagging or hashtagging system. If it's not appropriate for regular content, then its not appropriate for tagging or hashtagging.
  3. Alfa1

    Alfa1 Administrator

    A very interesting post Joel R
    I do not agree about point 3 though. I don't think hashtags are well understood. At least what I see on social media is users just posting 10-20 hashtags that happen to be roughly related or pseudo-funny words just for laughs, rather than good topic categorization. In a way it has become the social media equivalent of pink font on forums.

    And this is what makes hashtags so challenging. I actually had a hashtagging addon developed some years ago as I had plans similar to what you outline above. But I gave up on it because I found that the crowd could not get educated. Just like pink font, you will never be able to stop hashtag spam. Because rather than categorization it is an expression.
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