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Discussion in 'Suggestions & Feedback' started by RiverM, Jul 13, 2014.

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    It was so funny. I knew I should have pmed an admin asking him if I can edit my post or if he can help me to do it. But I thought, let's report the thread instead which makes it easier to make understand which thread I want to edit. Anyway, it was nothing important. I was just having some fun :D.
  2. R0binHood

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    This is one reason why I find edit limits quite frustrating at times. It's quite a user hostile feature, adds a lot of friction.

    I think it should really only be limited to very specific cases where admins have truly valuable evergreen content like guides. Even then it can get annoying and means the user doesn't jump through the right hoops to correct information. Edits aren't always about deleting info, it's also for correcting and improving info. If I can't edit my post on a site to add more information, pics, vids, whatever, I'll probably just not bother.

    And if a user wants to delete their content, they should be allowed to.

    I get why admins use it, but I'm still not keen on it.
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  3. Lisa

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    Wow.. that's kinda rude.
  4. haqzore

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    agree with this.

    i think it's a common admin problem - getting power hungry / becoming control freaks, often without meaning to.

    like not allowing a user to change their mind on a post? or even delete the post?

    come on... the largest sites in the world with millions or billions of users allow nearly unlimited editing & deleting...

    yet here we are, with our little forums, locking it all down.
  5. southernlady

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    Not all of us. I allow unlimited time for posts. Everyone can soft delete their posts. I’m the only one who can hard delete. My usual round up of hard deletes are duplicate posts. I’ll get the extras off my server, leaving one of them.
  6. Steve

    Steve Administrator

    Originally the edit time limit was in place for the instances where a user may go bonkers and decide to edit their posts which would leave an undesirable result. XF has a option to revert message edits so I'm sure we can look at not penalizing good users for the few bad ones. Maybe when we upgrade...;)
  7. Elsmarc

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    Yup - Exactly. I first ran into something similar WAY back around 2004 or 5 on one of my vB forums. User got mad and deleted probably 40 or 50 posts before I saw what he was doing and put a stop to it. It really messed up some threads. So - Since then 30 minutes to edit or delete, but that's it. If someone needs an edit after that, they have to Report the post and I'll do any necessary edits for them.
  8. Alfa1

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    Yeah, sort of. IMHO the functionality was not well designed and is only useful in specific instances. if you find out later or if you need to revert between specific times then its not useful.
    I had a better implementation developed and added to Xon 's moderation essentials for XF1. This allows you to set the exact date & time period of the edits that you want to revert and also if/how you want to warn the offending member. All from the front end.

    I have not checked if this functionality is in the xf2 version as I am not using XF2 on an active site.
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  9. Wes of StarArmy

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    Edits aren't as much of a problem now that we're on Xenforo where we have logs of the edits and also the edit history where a mod can simply revert the post to the earlier version.
  10. Paul M

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    Given the number of complaints Ive seen over the years here (1) - its a bit of a non issue anyway.
  11. DaveL

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    Can I ask what settings you use to run the Account Helpdesk? Been looking for a ticketing mod and they are quite pricey (and rightly so) however for the few questions I get I just couldn't justify the cost and love the setup you use here.
  12. R0binHood

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