subfolders or subdomains for better SEO for forum

Discussion in 'Forum SEO' started by aownewbie, May 2, 2016.

  1. aownewbie

    aownewbie Neophyte

    Hi all,
    Q1) Still in plannig stage, does subfolders or subdomains for better SEO for forum ?

    subfolders -e.g.
    subdomains -e.g.

    Q2) Would you guys put the forum (mybb) in front page like , then create (wordpress) to bring traffic or interest ?

    or put (wordpress) on and create a link to (Mybb)

    Which will be better down the road ?

  2. Drastic

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    Wordpress on index, forum on side page.

    It's like a mullet - business up front, party in the back.
  3. aownewbie

    aownewbie Neophyte

    thanks , but now come to the dilemma: I think most people here are admin to their Forum, don't they focus on forum itself ? Do create a blog shift away the focus ?

    How do successful forum promo their forum in their early stage?
    I mean...each wordpress post have comment , and I want to convert them to the Forum (e.g. Mybb) but they have to register again , does it confused the reader more??

    I'm still in planning / bootstrap stage , so all your years of experience are worth something to me.
    Thanks in advance.
  4. esquire

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    No difference. Much of it depends upon your site, its content and also your technical skills. For most their sites consist of primarily their forums. Putting it together may create a bigger bucket of useful content. I've put some things on subdomains because they are completely different types of data. For example, our lawyer directory is just that - a directory which usually contains thinner content and is not the meaty stuff. Your site blog that might not be very related to your actual content may also be best placed in a subdirectory so that your true meaty content is separated from your personal content.

    Putting things on subdomains can require much more skill than subdirectories (above the root.) For example, cookie management and attempts at integration. If you don't have solid webmastering skills it is easier to put it all above the root in subdirectories and be done with it. While I was tempted to put my forums in a subdomain, I didn't. And as it turns out I was lucky. If I had done so, I would have had to switch my forum URL permanently to my forumhome ( Law Forum ) - which is in a subdirectory. Since XF had to be installed in the root, my entire site and content management system would have been anchored in a forums subdomain. Truth is that I had stuck it in the subdirectory almost 20 years ago and decided I didn't want to lose any value of that forumhome URL.

    I'd probably put my CMS in the root. This is because your home page is supposed to be your front door or portal to your site. It's easier to construct a static page which can display feeds from all your components, e.g. RSS feed from your forum for last 10 posts, same for Blog 1, same for a gallery, etc. Once you have a forum on the home page, all your other content is a distant second and you lose the ability to have distinct ads, calls to actions and blocks to highlight your content on your home page.

    This is all IMHO and every site has its own unique characteristics and reasons why you might want to do things one way over another. Good luck with your site.
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  5. Drastic

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    There's a 99% chance no one gives a sh*t about your forum.
    There's another 99% chance your WordPress installation ranks better in search engines.

    That's all you need to know to decide what road to take to success. = blog = forums

    Do that and I'm another 99% sure your site will do better.
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