Discussion in 'Forum Software' started by Follier, Jul 16, 2005.

  1. Follier

    Follier Neophyte

    Can anyone explain the styling of ezboard forum? I find it a little difficult to work with the styling system.
  2. Lord High Master

    Lord High Master Aspirant

    Well, I'll give you a couple of 'short' answers. :D

    There are basically 3 main components to styling your board - custom css, custom html, and custom images. For look and feel you need to do your own custom css and either include it in your custom html, or import it into it as there is no facility for editing css in your control panel. There are sections for the custom html and images.

    If you need help with css or the styling of your board the best place to get it is in the Theme Trading forum at the community center.

    For help with html or javascript (gold only) for your board, Cool Tips & Tricks forum.

    Any custom images you use will need to be hosted somewhere as ezboard doesn't provide image hosting.

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