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Discussion in 'Increasing Traffic' started by shiola, Apr 3, 2007.

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  1. shiola

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    I've tried a bit of promotion with Stumbleupon with another site and it worked quite well with a load of new traffic. I'd like to try this again using my forum. The idea is that all of us here with Stumbleupon accounts give each of our forums a big thumbs up! :tup:

    Post your forum url and your stumbleupon url so we can promote each others forums and also add some more friends if you wish.

  2. InsatiableMind

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  3. PalePhoenix

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    1. This service appears to require the download and installation of a toolbar-type plugin. Though this service has no history with TAZ, and I do not personally condone or discourage its use, toolbars are known to contain data-mining spyware and may harm your browser/computer. This service accepts no liability for that damage, nor do they appear to disclose much about how this plugin operates.

    2. From their own TOS:
    Though we at TAZ would like to do a great many things to help you improve the stature and notice of your forums, the intentional (and publicly instigated) misuse of any offsite service is not well tolerated. Even if you do not have a direct stake in the StumbleUpon product's success, plotting to compromise its efficacy here cannot be allowed.
Thread Status:
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