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Discussion in 'Increasing Traffic' started by livestocktrade, Aug 7, 2009.

  1. livestocktrade

    livestocktrade Aspirant

    My website has been recieving a steady 120-300 vistors per day for the last 2-3 weeks.

    Havent changed anything and then yesterday was 40 vistors total and today i'm @ 13 so far.

    This happen to anybody else? Normal thing?
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  2. Rockatteer

    Rockatteer Devotee

    Could it have been search engine crawlers?
  3. shakir

    shakir Enthusiast

    its normal.. Sometime it happens.. and degrading the targeted keyword in SERP. But this should be OK within a month.. If not has to be careful...
  4. kennardi

    kennardi Aspirant

    you need to be more active and update your site frequently
  5. PeterKLam

    PeterKLam Aspirant

    This has happened to my forums a few times as well. They are most likely search engine spiders. I notice this influx of traffic usually when a new forum is launched. I don't usually get that many spiders on the forum after it's been up for a while. If you are able to view the IP addresses, you can go to WHOIS and find out if they are indeed spiders. If you continue to see a bunch of weird traffic like this and it starts affect performance on your site, you might have someone who's trying to hack the site. That has also happened to my forum before too. It's not fun at all. :shifty:
  6. vlauria

    vlauria Adherent

    Do you have more info on where those 120-300 visitors were coming from? Was it referrals, ads, search engines, emails, etc? You can find out this info on Google Analytics. You'll also be able to see which traffic source dropped so that you can focus your attention there.

    August can have drops in traffic, because people typically go on vacations in august, but that's a pretty big drop.
  7. EvcRo

    EvcRo Neophyte

    I got 50+ registrations per day for one of my website. Usually is 2-3 per day. When i checked there were all users with email like *.cn. I dont know what they are doing, they dont post or message anyone.
  8. bluesky

    bluesky Adherent

    Some temporary fluctuations might be happening all the time and they could be normal things and nothing to worry about.
  9. extomas

    extomas Aspirant

    If you were getting search engine organic traffic earlier then check your rankings, may be some drops.
  10. janicejan

    janicejan Aspirant

    tracking these people is a good idea also to know what pages they like the most or what interest them, you can do this on google analytics.
  11. garyseo786

    garyseo786 Aspirant

    yes can use google analytic or statcounter
  12. Tremaynedesigns

    Tremaynedesigns Enthusiast

    .cn would be chinese. thats pretty odd that a bunch would sign up and just leave.
  13. UltimatePlayStation

    UltimatePlayStation Aspirant

    It's not odd at all, it is very common for bots/spammers to use this technique. They effectively squat at a site with multiple accounts which then appear to be just dormant. Then they hit you with their spam across a short period of time from multiple registered accounts.

    Try looking up some of the email addresses they're using on Google and note any "Stop Forum Spam" links, you'll soon work out these are not as innocent as you think. Beef up your captcha/anti-bot security on your registration page and keep a close eye on sign ups.

    In fact is a great place to check email address/username combinations & IP Addresses. In addition there are plug-ins which cross refer sign ups with these lists to stop spammers at the source!

    Think to yourself, if you're use to 2/3 sign ups per day and you start getting 50 without doing anything differently, Is there a legitimate reason for this? If not, it's likely spam bots. :sneaky:
  14. userkiller

    userkiller Aspirant

    You need more content to get more members(more hits).
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