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Discussion in 'Members & Staff' started by kitkat21380, Dec 16, 2006.

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    And very frustrated. I've had my forum up for just under a month and a half. I feel like I'm the only person who really cares about anything, but that's to be expected.

    I have 24 registered users and a handful of regular posters who migrated over from a dying site, and 1 new member/poster who posts occasionally. Hell, I'm happy with that. I'm thrilled Google is finally picking us up. The rest will come with time.

    But there are a couple things that are grating my nerves all mainly revolving around one member (mod). I'm thankful they are there, extremely, they are a big poster. Problem is, they do LOADS of one smilie posts and one word posts. ESPECIALLY on threads set up to encourage discussion. Most threads they start are links to quizzes. That's great within reason, but... I don't know how to word it. I feel they mainly post this this way because they want to remain #1 on the top posters. Their only "competition" is me because I've been trying to keep the boards looking active by bringing in new topics and such, working towards the quality not quantity aspect.

    And the other is the starting of a thread just to whine about the colors of the skin I put up AFTER I had already started a thread announcing that the skin was temporary and was trying to break away from the "default" (which is suprisingly common) and also saying that I had thrown a couple of other skins they might like if they didn't like the blue and yellow. I left the blue and yellow up because I couldn't stomach the pink butterflies AND my husband begged for the B&Y...small way to indulge the person who pays for the site. LOL

    Ok, whine out.

    What would you guys suggest to encourage more discussion? I've thought about upping the minimum characters per post but dont know if that would harm or hurt. If I DO do that, how do I keep it from looking like a targeted change? I'm guilty of occasionally doing it myself, and others do to, but not to the extent that makes me think action would have been needed. Is this unreasonable? Do you guys have any other suggestions for trying to encourage discussions?
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    If that moderator is irritating you so much, tell him/her directly and professionally. I have had a look at your site, and i can tell its fairly new. If i were you i would be thankful that there is someone willing to post on a regular basis, even if it is crap. Eventually more people will come and her posts will fade into the background.

    I think the bottom line here is that you are expecting to much to soon. You have obviously put a lot of effort into your site, and it shows, so well done.

    What you need to do now is encourage the users who are posting by replying to their posts, getting to know them and posting things that you know will generate discussion (all this is based on your knowledge of your users, so the better you know them the more success you will have).

    If you try to force people to register/post/participate through the way you set up your site, it will have a detrimental effect.

    Let people post what they want, and respond to it. If you let the community develop around the hard work you have already put in, then you will have a successful community.

    Hope this helps, and keep up the good work.
  3. kitkat21380

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    Thank you. :) You are right that I tend to expect too much too fast, I have to mentally slap myself on occasion to remind myself these things take time and just keep working at it.

    The one post bit has something that has bothered me for a while. I've been trying to tell myself to deal with it, but was wondering if there was something that could be done. Thank you for bringing up having a talk with them. You gave me an idea that could help and not even touch on my problem.
  4. Ollie1

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    Glad i could be of service, good luck with it :)

    Let us know what you decide to do and if it works! its always nice to get a follow up
  5. kitkat21380

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    Oh, I should add that I really do like this person, even if they do things that annoy me. They are nice, loyal, intelligent. I've been wondering if there was a gentle prod out there that just might ease things up because I do know from the past this is something that bothers people.
  6. dojo

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    I have placed a nice small hack on some of the forums i want the to post more and it doesn't allow them to post if let's say the message is smaller than 20-40 or whatever character numbers you wish :D

    Then I'd have a nice chat PRIVATE with that mod and explain that in order for the community to attract more visitors and more search engine spiders you need a lot of content. This way you'll make them realize that oneliners won't help you. This is how I made my members post longer messages. Diplomacy and praise do a lot of good :D
  7. grepper

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    Create a one word post forum

    A word game?

    a forum or board within your site where one wordiness is encouraged?

    for instance.. I say a word, and you post the word that comes to mind (and optionally, a sentence why)

    Word Chain Reaction

    (rules: must have the same first two or last two letters in your word)

    Asp (snake that bit Cleopatra)

    Ass (Jenifer lopez)

    Bass (Lance Bass of Nsync, who coincidentally, likes ass)

    Mass (where you should go to, you heathen! :D)

    Mammaries (they dont leave like people do!)

    or a Suduko post where you gotta post the solution in quick time? :D

    the posibilities are endless and will provide a healthy outlet for those 'penny posters' out there!
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    Yes, I'd say you're both impatient and over-reacting. One of my newest mods, now present on TAZ (so he can read this, though it's nothing I haven't mentioned before), posts with what I would prefer to call "zeal and élan" (some might say "sound and fury," but let's not digress). I have known him a very, very long time, and his conversational style is quite familiar to me, but I can see how it might come across to others. Regardless, his being active on the board provides content, if not a welcome diversion--most times--from the heavy-handed discussions that otherwise riddle a "creative" community. My point being, everybody brings something different to the table, and you can't populate the place with clones of yourself.

    If you have a staffmember providing one-word or "comic book" replies, then I'd almost say that this is worse than no posts at all (and beware the staff who think communicating with the general population is beneath them). Such a glaring lack of material weakens your forum, makes it unappealing to guests, and drains conversations of any vitality...though he or she may think a head-bonking smiley is just what was needed to perk things up. Sure, that's fine...the first fifteen times, maybe, but not if it would be called postwhoring if anyone else did it.

    When you speak to this employee--because you will be doing that, by the most direct means available, meaning phone or in person, IM if necessary--then you must put the ball in their court. Ask, "What do YOU think this looks like to others?" "Do you NOT have anything to say here?" and "Is there some topic or category that I can introduce on which you would feel more comfortable speaking at length?" A staffmember shouldn't be making 'penny-posts,' and if they're doing nothing else of a recruiting or technical nature, then they shouldn't be staff, either.
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    PalePhoenix I never saw it put plainer or more clearly anywhere anytime.[​IMG]
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