starting new forum, should i use asmallorange host?

Discussion in 'Hosting Discussions' started by mudkip, Feb 11, 2012.

  1. mudkip

    mudkip Aspirant

    hey i am planning on starting a brand new xenforo forum. i was thinking of using hosting

    the shared "tiny" plan. would that be enough space for a new forum?

    also how many posts can i get with the tiny plan?

    also do you guys think they are a good host? or please suggest a good host for someone like me starting a new forum !

    i dont know much so help is very appreciated! i plan on hosting a gaming forum, mainly for people on my minecraft server to chat on. probably will have around 5 active users. again, thanks for help !!
  2. .Chris

    .Chris Adherent

    I've used ASmallOrange for years and never had any issues with them. Yes, the "Tiny" plan should be more than enough space for a new forum. It only gives you 150mb of storage though, this is enough for the forum files...but if you're planning to upload lots of media content for users to download then you'll need a bit more probably. If you outgrow the plan you could always upgrade as well.

    This is just my experience/opinion though - always worth shopping around for the best deal :)
  3. gogoblender

    gogoblender shiny happy pantless


    A Small Orage is very respected, are the "real" thing, but they're also expensive for what "quality."

    I made a short list of sites when we had to find bigger digs a few years ago, a few of the moderators from Taz was using A Small Orange, so it came highly recommended.

    And on the other hand a number of other long time members here at Taz were using MDD Hosting, I pmed them, got feedback and prices, MDD Hosting got our one year term, and we are renewing with them again for this year in February. They're prices are much cheaper, and they are just as reputable.


  4. Joeychgo

    Joeychgo TAZ Administrator

    I have been with ASO for about 8 years. I started with a small shared plan and worked my way up to where I am now. ASO manages my 3 dedicated servers. ALl in all I couldnt be happier.
  5. WebInk

    WebInk Enthusiast

    Seen many happy users with asmallorange since the start, with the tiny plan if you go for it most of your disk space would be used eventually with avatars/attachment uploads so you may be required to upgrade at quite early stage
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