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    To anyone who hasn't read them yet, read ProBoards' TOS... VERY scary stuff. In fact, even if you are able to get a converter that makes it possible to pull out the Dbase, ProBoards INSISTS in their TOS that this is illegal, that you're not supposed, allowed or entitled to do it and that they will come after you.



  2. Lilly

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    Well I moved from Proboard over a year ago using the converter. I was not trying to move. It actually started innocently enough, since I never heard of the converter. Proboards server malfunctioned and they lost a little over 5000 of my posts and about 60 new members. It happened at the end of the month and proboards only had backup for some boards at the end of the previous month or the beginning of the month of the server malfunction. That really pissed me off and they were being condescending by telling me I needed to take part of the responsibility since I should backup my board on my hard drive. They even have in their TOS about it being your responsibility to backup your forum. So I searched the net for how to backup a Proboard and ran into one of the converter topics. I actually had the script for about 4 months before attempting to move. Well I did and 4 days later, Proboards deleted my board. When I told them about their advice and TOS for me to backup my board, I was told I was suppose to copy and paste!:unhunh: I'm still laughing at that unrealistic advice!

    Anyway, I was already gone but it was a huge inconvenience since I had PM all my members their new passwords. But I discovered that I forgot my password also work for members to reset their password. Also there's a contact board administrator option for my board so getting their username or e-mail, I could also e-mail them their temporary password to the e-mail address I have on file only.

    You can read more about my move in the phpBB forum on this board (that's the software I moved my Proboard to). The topic is on the 1st page!:banana:
  3. Justin

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    Wow, so sorry to hear.
  4. RosenCruz

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    Try some other free forum hosting system with a known software such as phpBB, myBB or SMF. This way, you can move your forum in the future
  5. Ewan

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    I know some really big forums that get on well with proboards. Personally I don't like it that much though.
  6. Gameffect2012

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    im using phpbb because I get more control then proboard.
  7. RosenCruz

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    I recommend, since it uses phpBB and allows database back ups under 5 mb
  8. Gameffect2012

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    I actually was using them then I change to Simple machine forum. Can anyone tell me anything about them? I used them before but it has been awhile.
  9. RosenCruz

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    Not much have changed. They still do not allow forum moving and back ups. So, nothing new on PB front. :centerofuniverse:
  10. craigvm

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    my advise is dont bother with free forums like that i made that mistake when i started my forum and when i move i had to start a fresh as they wont give you a database backup so i lost all posts and members ect luckily it had only been running for a short while so was`nt that bad i`d just get a shared hosting package witch are very cheap i used (witch i still use but now on a vps ) and then just get your domain and a free software like mybb,phpbb ect
  11. GasaiYuno

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    What was that?
    If he decides to use a free forum host.. he has this for SMF
  12. DeathFortress

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    Stay away from free. You will get no-one on your forum if it's free.
  13. Oldiesmann

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    And yet there are plenty of active forums using services such as Yuku and Proboards...

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  14. TrixieTang

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  15. Roddy15

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    I tried pro boards but in the end didn't use it, I would recommend going with they run on a custom version of mybb, lots more control then going with heavily modified forum hosting like forumotion. Icyboards will give you your database for one a time fee of 20 dollars and they will also help you set it up on your new site if you want, basically because its a custom mybb software they will convert it to the mybb you can download.
  16. Esprit

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    I have run my forum on Activeboard since 2008. It is a successful forum. Yes, the big downside is I can't move it but at this point I see no reason to. Support is top notch. We have over 3500 members. I switched from free to a "Gold" membership which gave me a lot more options and flexibility. I run adsense without any issues. Once you switch to Gold there is an option where members can contribute to hosting costs. I've never had to pay hosting out of pocket thanks to member contributions. What I like best is I can spend all my time with content and not doing maintenance, worrying about hackers etc.
    I was honored to be interviewed for an article about my niche by the New York Times this past September. My site is mentioned in the article! I was and still am very pumped about that!
  17. PacMan

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    What will you do if Activeboard goes belly up or loses your data?
  18. engineer1964

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    Running your own forum, your own hosting and domain is all part of being a successful admin, Why give up all that and more to host with these sites?? The Sites will NEVER be yours, your limited with what you can do and if they think your spamming or doing anything against their TOS down comes your forum.

    Is that what you really want?

    With Hosting that you can buy now for a few dollars a year and your own domain, starting off with a forum which you own don't need to be such a big expense
  19. HallofFamer

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    Indeed, nowadays pretty much everyone should be able to afford like $5-10 a year. Even so, there's no need to start off with the likes of proboards unless you really know what you are doing, I believe there are free forum hosts running with MyBB, PHPbb and SMF, all are way superior to proboards.
  20. engineer1964

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    Exactly plus to be honest if you have no money or anyway to afford these very cheap methods, then you must really ask yourself do i really want to run a forum? For me giving up ownership of a forum to proboards defeats the object of running your own boards, How can you say its yours when clearly according to their TOS its not?
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