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Discussion in 'Forum SEO' started by Julio, Oct 15, 2005.

  1. Julio

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    I don't know what it is with GOOGLE and Yahoo!. When I do a search for my site as New York Chat (NYC) Message Board in google it doesn't come up. When I do NYChat it comes out that way and that's the domain name. In Yahoo when you do NYChat then the old cached message board comes up when you click on cached and the Description of the old message board. When I do New York Chat (NYC) Message Board it comes our right with everything updated.

    What is going on with these 2 search engines?

    I think that with the problem that I am having is preventing me from getting more visits to my message board.

    Thank YOU!
  2. Moparx

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    1. you are not getting a large amount of visits via search engines because you don't have much content (just 211 posts in 67 threads)
    2. if your site is new, you are sitting in google's sandbox. it will be there for a few months.
    3. work on getting inbound links to your site.
    4. cached copies can take a bit to update. depends on how frequently you get indexed :)
    5. you are running 3.5.0 so that is good.. that will help you when you do get indexed as it has many of T2DMan's SEO hacks added by default.
  3. Julio

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    Thanks alot!

    I don't understand how can I be in the sandbox when my site has a pr of 2. The domain name is 9 months old but the site is 2 months old.
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