Social Media or NOT?

Discussion in 'Social Networking' started by Revios, Apr 17, 2016.

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    What are some techniques to do this?
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    Social media is most probably the best way to gain members.

    Contact friends and advertise what you have to offer.

    Buy shout outs is also good.
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    I have a good following on Twitter, it's fun to read and engage with people just like on a forum, but it's not much help in terms of promoting stuff.
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    As far as I know social media always wins the day. As long as there is much money involved, Facebook/Twitter always wins the day, their member features expands beyond what forum software is ever capable of. It's because there isn't much Investors and stock behind community scripts as social media has.
    Money talks and trust me even though they aren't global scale, (for the most part they are) doesn't mean it will die so simple.

    Billions use these services to get in touch, its a art of containment in some degree, they lure us with all these easy to use and basic functions to contact whomever we feel. It's everything and its free to use. Some Big Boards might almost offer the same but with Premium paywall involved while FB is all free. But does that mean communities are completely dead? Not really, I still see a light and better interactivity then Facebook because people still believe Anonymous is the best approach. Facebook you use your real name, while community software uses a username.
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    Social networking sites have become an important part of our day, in education, business, communications and more.
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    I must have missed this post when you made it a couple months ago. Glad to finally see that these companies are waking up. Most of these companies never realized that they were actually advertising more for the social media site than their own product.
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    Social Media provide a platform to communicate globally and also we can promote own business and brand through it.
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