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Discussion in 'Social Networking' started by Return to Sender, Mar 6, 2019.

  1. Return to Sender

    Return to Sender Aspirant

    People have suggested using social media to advertise my gaming community by simply sharing. But what if your page doesn't have many likes or followers because its new? How do you promote activity on social media when you are a newbie?
  2. Creaky

    Creaky Adherent

    Start by following game companies and interact with them, people will start following you if they find your content useful.
  3. MyLead

    MyLead Aspirant

    You can try to incrase numers of fans on your fanpage by facebook ads. You can start with a small budget such as $ 5 a day and observe the results. It can bring you a satisfacting activity on your page.
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  4. GrrasSolutions

    GrrasSolutions Aspirant

    Top 11 ways to Use Facebook to promote your Business for Free

    1. Create a personal business presence using a fan page.

    2. Maintain a robust brand presence

    3. Join Facebook groups.

    4. Create your own group.

    5. List your events.

    6. Syndicate your blog.

    7. Ask your network to share blog posts.

    8. Stream live video with Facebook Live.

    9. Create a community

    10. Promote your page offline too

    11. Create a Facebook Ad
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  5. Return to Sender

    Return to Sender Aspirant

    Thanks for your replies guys. I have checked some of your tips and tried applying them to my social media accounts.
  6. shayari only

    shayari only Neophyte

    Growing your audience and becoming an influencer in any particular genre or category requires a lot of patience and creativity. The only way to be successful is to believe there is no hack or shortcut and make the best use of the available platforms to the best of your expertise and available resources.
    • While the list of social media platforms for online gamers is endless, but a gamer should be clear with the kind of channels it should be targeting. Instead of going for the maximum, go for the minimum but give your best in every platform.
    • Design a Logo for your gaming channel to be used in every platform. This helps in creating presence and branding for your gaming. It also differentiates you from the crowd.
    • Do regular updates and stream announcements to inform your viewers about any new information. Stream information alerts users about your future stream schedules and helps you achieve high concurrent views which helps in ranking your videos.
    • Give Shout-outs to your followers. Shout-outs, contents & giveaways is a great way to increase engagement with your followers and ensure a loyal audience base.
    • Do share your opinion in the industry. Use your public social platforms to share your opinions related to changes in the gaming industry.
    • Explore the comic side. Do not be monotonous in platforms like Facebook, Instagram & Twitter. Other than games do share a meme relatable to the gaming community. This shows up your creativity and also gets higher engagements in social media.
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  7. martin smith

    martin smith Participant

    Informative share, thanks for the post...
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