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Discussion in 'SMF' started by Antes, Dec 12, 2016.

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    CMOBOSS All About Da-Cookies.

    I love SMF. I just loves it!

    *insert picture of Gollem holding the smf logo up in the air, in awe* I'd make one for S.A.G's But I already tend to waste far too much time going out of my way to make awesome posts as it is.

    I am currently running 2.0.12 on one domain, and also running the beta on a test domain. I do have the beta on public access, but everything is locked down as far as registrations and posting goes... at least until I can get the time to actually check out the changes and see what is what.

    Who will be replacing their departing team member(s)?
    Where would people apply to be part of smf, or are you guys even looking outside of the office to fill said positions?
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    As team policy, we cannot disclose the potential members of team, I'm sorry about that. Also, we don't have an real office, we all are working at our homes :)

    There is always a position to fill in our team, we welcome every passionate friend to our team. But before we invite you, we need to see some activity of yours in our forums or in GitHub.
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