SMF 2.0.15 Released

Discussion in 'SMF' started by vbgamer45, Nov 20, 2017.

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    Simple Machines Forum has released a new patch to the 2.0.x line, bringing our latest release version to 2.0.15.

    This patch adds both important security and general maintenance fixes to your forum, so it is imperative that you install this patch quickly.
    You can view the changelog for this release, per usual, on the downloads page.

    The quick summary of changes is as follows:
    • A security issue reported by Daniel Le Gall from SCRT SA
    • Various bug fix with Proxy handler
    • Login fixes for SSI and Maintenance mode
    • Various Search fixes
    • Email handling issue fixed when using SendTopic
    • Fixed SM Stat collection and added opt in/out functionality to the Admin Panel
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