Small community admin tips, tricks and solutions

By hari · May 25, 2006 ·
  1. hari

    hari Tazmanian

    hari submitted a new Article:

    Small community admin tips, tricks and solutions

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  2. hari

    hari Tazmanian

    Any comments? Feedback? :D
  3. dojo

    dojo Passionate admin

    It's a good article. I agree with a lot of the things you have mentioned in here. Thank you for sharing the info :)
  4. ccs

    ccs Aspirant

    The part of taking a break from your forum was good. I found myself invisible and reloading to see if there were any new guests or sign-ups daily. Usually I let it ride by itself on the weekends. Especially long weekends or holidays, I know to enjoy friends and the weather instead of staying inside to see who is logging in or viewing pages. Sometimes you just got to step away and enjoy your life:tiphat:
  5. Jijo

    Jijo Fan

    At one point of time, the article saved me from closing down my forum :D
  6. navjotjsingh

    navjotjsingh Neophyte

    Nice Article...Good for me...since its just 15 days I started my own community. Let me see how far it goes.
  7. etc

    etc Adherent

    Nice one! Love your posting :D
  8. oninuva

    oninuva Enthusiast

    cool great stuff... THanks
  9. msimplay

    msimplay Aspirant

    This is an excellent article thank you :)
  10. Basto

    Basto Forum Expert

    Fantastic article, very nice thanks a lot this and the emoticon articles are great :)
  11. Demosthenes

    Demosthenes Resident Mancunian

    Not something I need to use personally but this should be really helpful to new administrators, a lot of it something we've had to learn the hard way. I think all of your articles are really very helpful and something I would have loved to see as a new admin, harishankar. Great work.
  12. hari

    hari Tazmanian

    Thanks everybody for your appreciation! :D I genuinely love writing such articles and your responses encourage me to write more :)
  13. Aussieart

    Aussieart Enthusiast

    I love the part about not hogging the limelight and stepping back and letting others post :tiphat: Really good article, I'm definately guilty of visiting every day and posting too much at times.
  14. DodgeFB

    DodgeFB Fanatic

    harishankar I sure hope you write more. I not only like them, I need them.:)
  15. Jane

    Jane Aspirant

    Thanks for a great article. I know I am guilty of hogging the limelight at times. I definitely needed this reminder right now.
  16. CrimsonX

    CrimsonX FF Fanatic

    thanks for posting this it helped me realize some of the things I was doing wrong such as plastering the forums with empty topics...
  17. RoboPanda

    RoboPanda Aspirant

    Thanks for this article. The part about forums being dead is really inspirational
  18. DarkHalo

    DarkHalo Aspirant

    Something that we have done in my forum thats a little different is the admins and moderators are anonymous. They are regular members but only do their official duties as "moderator1" or "admin2" etc. The reason is to remove personalities and egos from the equation. Plus its a political discussion site with conservatives and progressives so we dint want members to be able to accuse us of favoring one side or the other due to the mods political orientation. The staff doesn't participate in any discussion threads except as it replies specifically to forum policies and procedures. We never ever get involved in flame wars or pissing contests with the members. We do our job in a professional no nonsense style. Initially the members weren't real happy about this moderating style but we now have 500 members and theyve accepted it as "normal".
  19. Belak

    Belak Enthusiast

    Ok, this is good for forums that are officially open, and I know I tend to start most of the topics in my forum, and I know I have, by far the most posts, however we aren't really officially open yet. We allow membership and posting, but we are still in devolpment and de-buggery stages before being fully open.

    Some of the topics I post are left blank, but plenty are taken up. We have a mean of 3.7 posts per topic, which of course means some are doing way better then others.

    I am posting this here, because I hadn't thought of any of what I've said above as a problem yet, but I was wondering if anyone did after reading your artical.
  20. blossom

    blossom Aspirant

    Im really glad i read this article forum is small atm it does have some active regular posters but not many new topic makers which can be hard on the Admin.. sometimes its slow and i do get a bit disheartened but this has made me feel better ty......i guess its all about patience
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