Skimlinks and Viglink concurrently

Discussion in 'Generating Revenue' started by Ian Griffiths, Dec 5, 2011.

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    I just think time in seconds has a perfectly even spread of odds and evens so if you divide it by two and test it for whether its an integer or not, some of the time it will be the former and every other time the latter. No need to do any more IMO. Use of rand just weakens the distribution. And if you don't want it so regular you can choose a different output from date() and your period is longer. Works for most of them except day of the week and day of the month.

    I didn't share code because it'll break his upgrade path and also I don't want to be the person who opened the flood gates of people bending the policies of the two providers.

    Plus he'll want to know where to put the code and if you're using echo it'll probably come out in the wrong place on the page etc. etc.

    But yeah, sorry I'm being down on your helping the guy, don't mean to come across like that. Its certainly possible to knock up something for him that will do the trick.
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    No problem.

    Each forum software package is defferent. I use SMF with the ad manager add-on. In it, you simply choose the PHP radio button (instead of html) and add that chunk of PHP into the form instead of just the javascript snippet from the vendors. Nothing gets broken and the placement is done for you. I assumed most forum packages have similar offerings and leave it up to the end user to use it correctly, but you're right. Maybe that's too large of an assumption to make.

    To that end, please use the code snippet above at your own risk. I take no responsibility for breaking your forum if you don't! :)
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    May I know which is which?
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    Not sure you can call the 'higher payouts' thing, it will depend on your traffic.

    Skimlinks makes it slightly easier to see which are your most significant pages while Viglink makes it easier to quickly go there and see overall figures for the last couple of days. Neither of those things affect income for me.
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