Simple Method To Protect Your SMF Site From Spammers

Discussion in 'Site Security & Legal Issues' started by mrjay, Mar 19, 2013.

  1. mrjay

    mrjay Aspirant

    It could be very annoying receiving hundreds of registrations daily on your forum and most of them are spam (bot registered member) but with the help of this method, you are 98% safe from spammers.

    Q&A is what I've been using and it is working for me up till now.

    Why not try it instead of using some untrusted mods.

    To do this in your SMF Forum goto: Administration Center » Security and Moderation » Anti-Spam and set up your question.

    Remember: make the question simple in order to encourage members.
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  2. eldritch1969

    eldritch1969 Adherent

    Thanks. This is basic knowledge but should be repeated often.
    I have an SMF site, too, and it's the first thing I did after setting it up ! :)
  3. engineer1964

    engineer1964 hoc foro magna est

    To stop spammers dead, and so they just can't register at all you need the "Select Avatar on Registration" mod, what this does is makes the user choose an avatar from your gallery (They can change it later)

    if they don't, then the registration don't get completed, therefore no spambots :jiggy:

    My forums been up since june last year with 33,400 odd posts and not one spam bot registered. Now thats the best mod i have installed, far better than all the so call anti spammer hacks and plugins.

    What i'd like to do is to show you for real, if you have an SMF forum and a problem with Spammers signing up, PM me and i'll top it 100%, just so you can see just how it works, PM me if you want my help to do this :)
  4. mrjay

    mrjay Aspirant

    Thats a very good idea, I use it too.
  5. cheapez

    cheapez Enthusiast

    Make sure you change your questions, and answers frequently. Don't ask the same question every time. Some advanced spam bots can even read image captcha codes (If the codes are clear enough to read).
  6. Berath

    Berath Aspirant

    We had crazy times before we brought in a question. As soon as we did forum registrations went down from 2261 to 2. Before the forum mods had to look through them.

    Now just the occasional human 'bot' gets trhrough
  7. flametiger

    flametiger Aspirant

    I'm using question too and no fake users in sight yet.
  8. StephaneB

    StephaneB Aspirant

  9. Workshop80

    Workshop80 Aspirant

    Thank you!

    I'm still in the process of setting up my forum and have to make daily purges of my membership list to clean out the spammers. I hope this helps.

    - Brian
  10. radu81

    radu81 Fan

    As the others said use the httpbl mod, avatar on registration, question and answers and forget about stammers ;)
  11. Workshop80

    Workshop80 Aspirant

    Good Results!

    OK, looks like I've stopped the bots, for now.:banana:

    I'm using during registration . . .

    1) built in image verification

    2) anti - spam questions

    3) select an avatar mod

    and so far I've had no more ghost registrations.

    I also plan on purging any unvalidated registrations after 48 hours. If it takes longer then two days to validate your email you'll just have to register again.

    So I've got some questions about the anti -spam questions.

    I'm using simple logic questions. Things like "What is larger? Tree or Spoon.

    Will the bots eventually learn my questions?

    If yes, How often do you think I should change my questions?

    Oh, and yes I plan on adding one of the honeypot mods. It's on my to do list.

    - Brian
  12. doubt

    doubt Tazmanian



    As long as the answer is in the question: YES
  13. Workshop80

    Workshop80 Aspirant

    Well I'm at 48 hours and looks like no more bot registrations.

    So three questions.

    How should I form the anti-spam questions?

    How often should I change them? ( I'm thinking every 30 days )

    How do I change the default avatars? The current movie star and rock star avatars don't really fit the theme of my forum.

    - Brian
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