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Discussion in 'Graphics Discussion and Help' started by aesthetiqclinic, Mar 22, 2018.

  1. aesthetiqclinic

    aesthetiqclinic Aspirant

    which tool is best for making these logos?
  2. we_are_borg

    we_are_borg Administrator

    The anwser is the sam has the other thread Photoshop, GIMP etc etc but with logo's Illustrator is also a good choice, but an exspensive one.
  3. radu81

    radu81 Fan

    in alternative to illustrator you can try inkscape which is free and has most of the options that Illustrator has.
  4. fixer

    fixer I'm In My Prime


    Is this what you're referring too? Made for you ;)
  5. Zulfikar

    Zulfikar Neophyte

    Photoshop, illustrator
  6. Apple

    Apple Enthusiast

    Here's the thing. If you're only making a logo for use on the web, Photoshop is fine.

    However, if you're designing a logo that you intend to put on printed material, use Adobe Illustrator. I am not sure, but you might be able to do vector graphics in GIMP too. Vector files are important for large scale printed materials. I can't count how many times a client has handed me a photoshop logo and asked me to put on a pull-up banner or something even larger. It usually ends in me having to re-draw said logo as a vector file, and charging the client for the artwork time for tracing someone elses friggen work, especially if it's very detailed.

    Will save you and the designer some headaches down the road. :)
  7. PoetJC

    PoetJC ♠ Jacquii: Black Kween of Hearts ♠

    I create vector designs in PhotoImpact by Ulead.
    It's my go-to software for design. All designs can be resized with no distortion = Vectored for all size requirements.
    Great little piece of software is PhotoImpact. Some would say it's obsolete since it's no longer supported for feature enhancement. But it's really nice.

  8. Apple

    Apple Enthusiast

    Ah, I've never heard of PhotoImpact to be honest.

    Been designing for 15 years (holy crap lol.) They started us off in uni on QuarkXpress then Indesign (for layouts), coupled with Photoshop (editing photos) and Illustrator (for illustrations and logos and website layouts). They're the industry standard across all studios I've worked in, so of course I stuck with it.^^.

    GIMP has been the one that people push as being the free alternative to the industry standard. I've not quite mastered GIMP though... being so used to the Adobe products. The tools in GIMP are very different which made me give up after a few hours and go back to Photoshop haha, but I saw a post somewhere that you can now use it to integrate code too?

    Work pays for my Adobe CC license, but it's actually quite affordable nowadays at €60 a month for all programmes. It used to be like £3,000 or something to buy the Master Suite of non cloud versions. That of course forced students into getting cracked copies. XD I think it's something like €12 a month for the Photography license that includes Photoshop and Lightbox.
  9. we_are_borg

    we_are_borg Administrator

    A student license is 135 euro a year for all the cloud applications, Photoshop and Lightroom are 12,50 euro or 9,99 dollar a month. Its very cheap these days i can remember that the company bought version 3 of the suite it was 3200 euro. But i would never go back to another programm Photoshop is standard these days as well as Lightroom and Indesign and so on. Only Premiere for Mac you have Final Cut Pro thats much better.
  10. Apple

    Apple Enthusiast

    I love Final Cut Pro. Actually I learned on Media 100, but eventually got Final Cut for myself since the tools are similar.
  11. alizey noshay

    alizey noshay Neophyte

    You might like these tools :
  12. GrrasSolutions

    GrrasSolutions Aspirant

    Photoshop and canva both are the good options to create signature.
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