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  1. Tracy Perry

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    The Pipe Stand, just another place to relax and discuss your PAD/TAD affliction.
    For those unfamiliar with those terms, it's a serious condition that effects many pipe smokers. PAD is simply Pipe Acquisition Disorder and TAD is the Tobacco version of PAD. It seems to afflict those that have been smoking pipes for more than a few months. ;)

    The site is targeted towards the discussion of the relaxing art of pipe smoking (yes, tobacco and not other substances). Eventually there will be estate pipes sold on the site as well as possibly some hand made pipes by yours truly (this is dependent on when I get the additional equipment and if I develop an artistic knack at it).
    There is a classifieds system being installed as well as Commerce (to be used for any restored pipes I do or any that I may "create").
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  2. Phillip

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    +1,362 IPS Locus - Amazing IPS Community
    We are working on newer and better themes and add-ons. Also a place to come and just relax with other fellow IPS Clients and Users.
  3. we_are_borg

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    I have cleaned this topic and removed post that have dead links or edited post and removed the link if more then one link was provided. Some qoutes have been adjusted to but not all please keep this in mind. Please post new link if you have them.
  4. Moors

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    I run Bellum Balcanium, newly established call of duty 4 community. We are small but friendly and we hope we grow larger in some time.


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