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  1. Tracy Perry

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    The Pipe Stand, just another place to relax and discuss your PAD/TAD affliction.
    For those unfamiliar with those terms, it's a serious condition that effects many pipe smokers. PAD is simply Pipe Acquisition Disorder and TAD is the Tobacco version of PAD. It seems to afflict those that have been smoking pipes for more than a few months. ;)

    The site is targeted towards the discussion of the relaxing art of pipe smoking (yes, tobacco and not other substances). Eventually there will be estate pipes sold on the site as well as possibly some hand made pipes by yours truly (this is dependent on when I get the additional equipment and if I develop an artistic knack at it).
    There is a classifieds system being installed as well as Commerce (to be used for any restored pipes I do or any that I may "create").
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  2. Phillip

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    +1,429 IPS Locus - Amazing IPS Community
    We are working on newer and better themes and add-ons. Also a place to come and just relax with other fellow IPS Clients and Users.
  3. we_are_borg

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    I have cleaned this topic and removed post that have dead links or edited post and removed the link if more then one link was provided. Some qoutes have been adjusted to but not all please keep this in mind. Please post new link if you have them.
  4. Moors

    Moors Neophyte

    I run Bellum Balcanium, newly established call of duty 4 community. We are small but friendly and we hope we grow larger in some time.


  5. KentT

    KentT Aspirant


    Now 18+ year old site for antique Simplicity & Allis-Chalmers garden tractors. Using all the apps, plus several add-ons and plug-ins. Restricted access, but if interested PM me for credentials that will get you in (at mid-level access) to get a better sense:

    Still chasing some bugs, but it's getting close, and good enough to disclose. Though I don't have all (~1500 pages) of the old content republished yet, there's enough to give a sense of it all. Pages databases for that content, plus Artices and Mike John's Collections app for a "tractor Garage" or Registry.
  6. DarkGenesis

    DarkGenesis Aspirant


    Just a simple, brand new general community looking for some new faces to discuss entertainment, life, and whatever other random things we come up with. Pardon the default style, I'm waiting to get some more funds to purchase some new ones.
  7. Phillip

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    Good looking forum...going to add a style to this in the future?
  8. simonle_aaf

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    I am working on a new IPB community called Redly. It's not really a forum, instead it's designed to be more like a social network, sort of like a mix between Facebook, Twitter, and regular forums. As such, the activity stream and user profiles is at the center of the community and the more traditional forums and topics have been removed (except for the support and feedback forums that are hidden away). I am still experimenting with it, so please check it out and let me know if you have any suggestions or ideas on how I can improve the site further. :)
  9. maddog107

    maddog107 Neophyte

    Im running IPB4 for , currently trying to expand it to be less overwhelming for new users who expect a lot of pictures and not just text everywhere. Slowly having devs write some custom code to get it to be a better user experience.
  10. iamacyborg

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  11. rngrdanny22

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    NRMT is a sports card forum that provides the ability to upload pictures into albums. Not many sports card sites have both a forum and photo upload. Still sort of a work in progress, but really liking where it's headed.
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