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    Name of site (and/or forum): Trending Views
    Genre: News and viral media
    Seeking (admin/moderator/other): writers and content uploaders.
    Paid Position (yes/no): yes
    If Paid, Then How Much: $3.00 per thousand views with bonus tiers, max pay is $200 per item. If you do ten stories, then each of them can earn $200 each. The best posts are shared to our FB page which has 31k fans/followers.

    How do you wish to be contacted: contact form.

    Content must be approved before going live.

    You must follow our very simple format for writing. It's super easy.

    Writer/contributor description:
    User will write/cover news stories or upload current viral videos/picture galleries. If you're interested in writing, but unsure where to find stories, then I will assign them to you.

    Categories for which we need contributors:

    The last year has been spent covering politics and viral media. Time to branch out and hit other target interest groups. We're now running American news/politics/crime stories, tech, gaming, science, military, celebrity (pics and gossip), inspiring stories, movies, music, and viral videos/picture galleries (memes or cool/funny sets of photos).

    We're also looking for managers for several Facebook pages:
    Your job will be to post on the page just a few times per day. You can even schedule it in advance. Pay for managing is being allowed to post one of your own links each day to gain some growth for your own projects.
    We're also looking for people with Facebook pages that have over 10,000 fans/followers for social influencing. This is a paid position as well. You'll be provided customized links and paid based on how many clicks arrive and the quality of the visitors.
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    How many views does the average post get?
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    That depends on if your content is worth sharing. Something boring won't get more than a few hundred. Something good that sparks conversation or makes people laugh will make it to our Facebook page and get a lot more. American news, viral news videos, and inspiring stories have best chance to be featured on our FB page.

    Our top article has over a million views, the bottom ones have maybe 100.

    You need to look at this as a "the more I do, the more I earn" and let your numbers build up. It's not a get rich quick scheme or anything like that. You will have to supply decent content to get the most/fastest payouts. And not everything is accepted either. Best thing to do is go to any news site and see what's trending there and cover it like a reporter.

    The articles are easy. Video submissions even easier. Picture galleries are easy too, just have to make sure they're at least 600 pixels wide.

    Please view the site and see if this content is something that you're aligned with. If this is your type of crowd, then feel free to sign up.

    At this time, you may notice a blank screen after certain actions. Just refresh it. Our devs are working on the stats module and adding some extra features to the article module. New design/version that invites the public to join launches hopefully next week.

    May want to get your feet wet and content loaded up now. Once the hoard arrives, then it's going to be harder to get featured on our FB page.