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Discussion in 'Community Cooperative' started by Wyvh, Aug 5, 2017.

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  1. Wyvh

    Wyvh Aspirant

    Serious Gaming Community project - Looking for helpful and dedicated gamers to join the team

    Firstly, I'd like to quickly introduce myself. My nickname's Wyvh, even though I've been using quite a lot of different nicknames through my Internet experience. I'm a 19 years old gamer that loves helping the others, as much with those encountering technical difficulties as with those not knowing how to play their character.

    That's where my idea's base started growing: what if we had forums that would offer guides, basic technical support, medias sharing and much more all in once ? Let me then present to you my current project about this.

    Name of site (and/or forum): Probably chosen, not shared yet.
    Link to forum: Not shared yet.
    Genre: Community forums about Gaming overall.
    Forum Software: MyBB.
    Seeking (admin/moderator/other): Administrator(s) and/or moderator(s)
    Paid Position (yes/no): Not planned, but who knows.
    Why are you requesting staff: I'll need help managing the whole forums and its content, plus having different advices concerning new features, forums' modifications and more.
    Additional Information: I've dedicated whole paragraphs for it below.
    How do you wish to be contacted: You may contact me via the Private Message system on TAZ or simply add me on Discord: the s. guy#2411

    Serious Gaming Community project - What would make it different than the other existing gaming communities ? I could just close the tab and join one of them.
    You sure could do this, but you would miss something. As I said in the thread introduction, the project is something actually quite big. Besides having a fully customized theme and fitting features, it won't be all about posting in threads and complaining about x's games servers being full or being under maintenance everyday. The forums' objectives are all about helping the player succeed to its own in-game goals, help them play in the best conditions, assist them in finding a clan/guild or members for your own group, and much more.

    Guides - What are those ? How will it work ?
    For a game to have its own Guides section, it will need to reach a certain activity as much on the game as on the game's forums section, but most of them will have one. The system will be pretty simple: each of the games will have a personal guides section that will fit to the game; different fields according to the game, character images, spells, etcetera. The user will be able to submit, check the existing guides and comment them to suggest modifications, notice about grammar mistakes or simply thank the OP and give its own opinion.

    Amateur games and projects promotion - Will I be able to talk about my small FPS/MOBA/TPS/... project ?
    Absolutely. Each user will be able to open his own thread in a specific section where he will be able to present is amateur game. Obviously, every game will be verified before seeing its thread published, visible and available. If a game ever gets to catch our attention or reach a certain popularity, a whole section will be created for this game, and just for this game.

    Contests/Giveaways - Will we ever have any of those ?
    There will be contests and giveaways, as I am already saving for the first ones. Most will be contests that will allow almost any user to participate by targetting multiple domains, not just one (i.e, not only a photography contest but multiple domains). I already thought about ways to avoid users only registering to participate in those.

    Interactive Community - Will you listen to us and our suggestions ?
    We will. This might sound stupid, but there are forums that don't accept any kind of suggestion from their users for.. whatever the reason is. My plan is to interact with them whenever it's needed, and actually listen to their ideas and features suggestions in order to help the forums grow and allow the users to benefit from even more stuff. The concept is somehow a little similar to an open source project, where nearly anyone can contribute.

    Future Plans - Tournaments, e-Sports, and much more
    As the paragraph title says, if the project gets to work well enough, we might see ourselves organizing tournaments and touching to e-Sports.

    Last Self Question - Why would you need to hire administrators for a newborn project ?
    As I said earlier, "I'll need help managing the whole forums and its content, plus having different advices concerning new features, forums' modifications and more.". Plus, working as a team is often much better than working alone.

    Thanks for reading. I'd to personally thank every TAZ members that took the time to read and reply to my OP and my own replies in order to give me tips and asking a few questions that helped me write this whole thread.
    If you have any question, you have 3 ways to ask me; next to this post, PMs or Discord.
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  2. haqzore

    haqzore Habitué

    This is a fantastic post.

    I wish you luck. If the project is successful, it will be a benefit to the genre.
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  3. cornnfedd

    cornnfedd Captain Futurama

    great post and good luck, maintain the enthusiasm and you should do well.
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  4. Wyvh

    Wyvh Aspirant

    Thank you for your replies.
  5. King

    King Aspirant

    Good luck with your forum. I tried adding you on discord but it says your name is not in exist
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  6. Wyvh

    Wyvh Aspirant

    Hey there King,
    Thanks. I JUST saw that you posted a message on my profile, and i'm sorry for seeing it that lately.
    Would you mind sending me your Discord Name/ID ? I'll add you.

    About the fact you didn't find me.. well, that's pretty weird. Gotta change my name I guess.
  7. Wyvh

    Wyvh Aspirant

    We aren't hiring anymore. Link will be released soon and so will the advertisments. Thanks, you may close the thread.
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