SERANKING SCAM! Just scammed me EUR 399

Discussion in 'Forum SEO' started by tejli007, Mar 4, 2016.

  1. tejli007

    tejli007 Aspirant

    Long story short.. I purchased I lifetime license from on year 2014 (license value EUR 399) and after a year of working I removed from my server because was using to much resources.
    I wanted to install it again after 1 year and there was no link to download.
    I asked the support to provide me a link to download my old version she/he said thats not possible because the old version is not working anymore I should update for $280/year.

    WTF is this? I want only my old license. No new features or something else. Only my old version that I have paid for. I have paid a Premium PHP version that is a lifetime license.

    Am here to warn everyone to takecase and not do business with those scammers.

    Proof of my license:
    View attachment as24.postimg.org_z62hxy8t1_scam.png
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  2. Digital Doctor

    Digital Doctor Tazmanian

    Shotty of them.
    Thanks for the warning.
  3. SE Ranking

    SE Ranking Neophyte

    Dear Tejli007, SE Ranking has always cared about its reputation and so the number of the clients that are not satisfied by our services is next to zero. We are one of the few services that allow fully functional trial periods so that the user has no doubts what he or she is paying for.

    Regarding your case: the PHP licence was indeed purchased by you in 2014 with a discount of USD 200 for as low as Euro 174. Terms of Service clearly stated that the PHP Script updates are free of charge during the first year after the purchase and 50% from the Script cost per year starting from the second year and further. The user does not have to install updates and can always run an older version of the PHP Script. The download link was granted to you even thought it was never mentioned in your forum posts. Finally we gave you a new licence worth Euro 199 before all the negative feedbacks about our service went online. The latter were never removed.

    Let me put all the information together:

    1. Your initially bought the PHP Script at half price (that is Euro 174, not 399)
    2. The TOS of the PHP Script clearly stated the Updates are only free of charge during the first year after the purchase. Outdated PHP version is fully functional without any time limits.
    3. Your were given the download link for the older version of the Script after contacting the support
    4. You finally got a new licence worth Euro 199 free of charge just for being unfairly importunate as a gesture of our loyalty and care for the clients.

    And… you are still complaining?
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  4. TheChiro

    TheChiro Devotee

    You are salty bro. Worst kind of customer.
  5. Tracy Perry

    Tracy Perry Opinionated asshat

    Oh... not that much different than IPS with their "expired support license" attitude. Once your license/support lapses with them, you can no longer access your versions you were valid for when it was active.
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