SEO affects page rank or page rank affects SEO?

Discussion in 'Forum SEO' started by Ram8349, Apr 22, 2012.

  1. Ram8349

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    So I have paid close attention to how one of my articles rank (with a keyword from the title) on Google search results for the past 2 months. It took a month before it appeared on 26th page of the search results.

    I have been doing some legit link building myself... It slowly moved up to page 2 as of now.

    Then a few days ago, I posted a mini article with a link back to my own article on a similar niche forum. Within a day, that forum thread appeared on page 1 of search results... Just why?

    My original article has a lot more and better content than the thread I posted on someone else's forum. A lot more keyword density too along with on page SEO. As well as a lot more backlinks.

    Just what was the difference?

    Is it because that "someone else's" forum has its domain name rank 6 with Google? My newly launched 2 months old site has a Google rank of 0.

    I have also seen many newly posted threads on some rank 4~6 forums can appear within first a few pages of keyword Google search within hours...

    I wonder if the Google rank of the domain name made the difference on how web page was ranked in the keyword search results?
  2. SticKer

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    Pagerank of a website shouldn't really make any difference how your pages are ranked in Google search. Authority sites, sites with high traffic, sites that post fresh content on regular basis tend to rank higher in Google search results than a relatively newer/fresh website.
  3. omorsharif

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    Interesting point!
  4. o2webtech

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    Hi, Backlinks from high PR sites can really be useful and if backlink is from site which is related to niche of your website then it is counted as quality backlink.
  5. yasirliaqat

    yasirliaqat Aspirant

    Both are directly proportional to each other if you want to do good seo then find some links from the quality web sites that have good page rankings then your site may have the chance to get good rankings as well.
  6. cpvr

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    Your sites PR really has nothin to do with those rankings. That site probably has more backlinks than you, and has been around for a lot longer.

    There's a difference between the ages of sites, but you can surpass them if you do some research and see where they've obtained their links.

    Just type in Google, or the other search engines: and it'll show you some of their backlinks.

    What I recommend though is trying to get more content out there, and spreading your links. Because, in order to compete with them, you are going to need to get more links, and more content up. As long as you get some quality links, I don't see why you can't knock down their rankings.

    SEO takes time because it's a process and not a project, so I wish you best of luck of surpassing them.:jiggy:
  7. Ram8349

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    Does total backlinks to the site actually effect not linked pages's SERP too?

    I am pretty sure that thread I posted had much less if any backlink at all within that day. There wasn't all that much useful content in that mini article. All good stuff were in my original article on my own site which has 3 digits backlinks now over the 2 months.

    A little update though, that mini article had dropped in SERP after a week or so. Now it is one position behind my real article on page 2 of google results.

    I've also noticed quite a few rank 4 forums can have their new threads ranked within top 3 for the same keywords, then they quickly dropped back down after a few days.
  8. brainjohn

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    Very nice post. and yes SEO affects page rank and your search ranking in search engines not page rank. You have to update your website's content and you will get good rankings it can't be dependent on page rank.
  9. bellcoder

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    This also depends upon the popularity/traffic of a website. e.g. if you post your similar article on your site and an another high traffic site the chances are the one from high traffic site will be indexed faster because of the high frequency of the Google crawler on that site.
  10. groshanfabiola

    groshanfabiola Neophyte

    yes i've seen this happening to a lot of websites. this is why it's important to use seo on a long term basis and be patient until your site builds reputation and enjoys popularity
  11. princeerossen

    princeerossen Aspirant

    Why should bother much for page rank. Focus on SERP. If it increase automatically your traffic and inquiries will increase. And PR also probably
  12. RachaelJetkins

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    Page rank is determined by the quality of the incoming traffic, the quality of backlinks, keyword rankings, the number of indexed pages and the uniqueness of the content. All these factors are a result of the SEO activities undertaken. Therefore it can be clearly stated that SEO determines the page rank.
  13. MannyRUA

    MannyRUA Fan

    Age and authority - like anything else in life.

    I have a few very well ranked general purpose blogs that are almost permanently crawled by the big G. If I chose to post an article about moderating a forum, it would likely languish on page 5 because there is a lot of stuff out there on that topic.

    If I then posted something here on TAZ and included a link, I would expect to see TAZ well above me because TAZ have been around ages and have tons of topic relevant content in the niche.

    Original content is only part of the equation. Site age and authority matter too. Google has a clever algorithm. A mix of aspects come together to decide who is on page one.
  14. shakir

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    OK but high PR site is getting good position in SERP..I also agree for ignoring PR but webmasters are crazy to get BL from high PR sites... So me will run for PR until Google stop providing....
  15. milina788

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    SEO is the process of optimizing your website according to the guidelines of major search engines and if any website is properly optimized then definitely Google gives it more and more privilege to appear on the top of result pages and also improves its page rank which is a standard of Google to determine rank of that web page. So SEO definitely affects the page rank of any website.
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