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    Name of site (and/or forum): Chome
    Link to forum:
    Genre: Graphics
    Total number of posts the forum has received:0
    Paid Position: No
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    This is for a friend of mine who does not have an account on this forum. Here is a brand new site that is a forum with the plan of just being a graphic design discussion board. Chome which the C stands for community is a place for people that have a interest in graphic design to discuss their passion and share their artworks. Whatever your software is that you create works of art whether its a picture, gif, or cgi animation share your work and critique others.

    If your a photoshop junkie and like to post images this is the place to do it. If your into making objects in blender, unreal engine, swishmax, or something else share your work in progress and discuss techniques.
    If your into competition and want to challenge another member to a signature showdown or coolest avatar take it to the battlegrounds forum and let the community vote whos artwork wins today.

    This is a brand new community and this thread is to find forum lovers who like to post their work and discuss graphic design things. As it is a discussion forum it is encouraged for members to share technique and help each other become better at graphic design. The long term goal after establishing a community is to just properly organize tutorial guides on how to do in various software and spotlight community members for their best artwork voted by the community.

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