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    We just celebrated the truly immense undertaking that was D-Day, remembering the courage and sacrifice of those mostly inexperienced soldiers who poured out of the landing craft and onto those horrific beaches. Today, however, marks another milestone of that era, one that has had far reaching consequences for the world.

    On this day, in 1944, the very first V1 flying bomb hit London. Those early cruise missiles, named Buzz Bombs or Doodlebugs by the British, were launched in response to the D-Day landings. The sound of the V1s became all too familiar to British citizens, with as many as 100 a day being launched against the country, until allied forces captured or destroyed their launch sites.

    The V1 flying bombs and the later V2s were designed as weapons of terror, but the technology that sent them on their deadly missions was later used to further the scientific knowledge of all humans. As an interesting coincident, on this same day in 1982, Pioneer 10, a descendant of the V1, passed beyond the orbit of Neptune, making it the first man-made object to leave the influence of our planetary system.
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