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Discussion in 'Free Hosted Forums' started by SentoWeb, Jan 12, 2014.

  1. SentoWeb

    SentoWeb Aspirant

    Dear TAZ members,

    I would like to introduce our free and painless forum hosting service for those who want to open an online community.

    runBB is running the latest version of MyBB and we already have more than 15 themes and dozens of plug-ins installed.

    Are you looking for a forum host which takes the pain out of running a forum? Do you want to focus only on building your website and let others do the maintenance and updates? Look no further, can run your forum for you so that you can focus on the important things.

    • No bandwith limit
    • Running the latest MyBB version
    • Monhtly contests to win domains, design services, etc.
    • Painless forum management
    • Awesome support either on our community forums or through email
    • Blog with useful resources
    • Ability to use top level domain free of charge
    • Minimal advertising (It's ok to have your own ads as well)
    • Database export feature is planned and will be available free of charge

    Visit and give our awesome service a try! We are also open to suggestion so don't hesitate to let us know if you think there is anything to add in order to improve our service.
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  2. meetdilip

    meetdilip Tazmanian Master

    Welcome to TAZ. Could you please explain these

    1. Do you place your own ads on member's forums ?

    2. Can members use their own ads on their forums ?

    3. Do you allow to export the database ? If yes, any fees involved or any other terms ?
  3. SentoWeb

    SentoWeb Aspirant

    Thank you for reminding me about those meetdilip.

    Yes, we do plan to place ads on the member's forums however I am well aware of the fact that many forum hosters place a ridiculous amount of ads on the forums, thus we will only place hand-picked banners which are family friendly. Currently there are no ads at all.

    Yes, we are perfectly fine with members placing ads on their website as long as ours is shown as well.

    runBB is using our platform and the ability to export databases is a planned feature. Once we update MyBBForumhoster the feature will be available free of charge to our users, HOWEVER the themes might not be included in the export due to licensing restrictions. I see no point in forcing someone to use a service they don't want to and I think others will agree.

    runBB is built for community experience and not to provide us with a major income source, thus we don't even provide premium membership at the moment and pay for the hosting out of our pocket. We will also organize contests so that the users can get free domains and design services.

    I am providing Skype support and asking for suggestions from existing users so that we can build this into a solid and fun service.

    Edit; Also added to the main post.
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  4. Gamesstop

    Gamesstop PrismBB - Free & Premium MyBB Themes

    This is an extremely cool project. :eek: Joining the forums now. :)
  5. SentoWeb

    SentoWeb Aspirant

    Thank you Gamesstop and welcome to the community forums. runBB is indeed a special project of mine which I began in early 2009 and I was able to launch it just a few days ago.

    Please don't hesitate to share your feedback with me.
  6. Num7

    Num7 Adherent

    Looks like an interesting alternative.
  7. BubblePeafowl

    BubblePeafowl Participant

    It says forum not found
  8. s.molinari

    s.molinari Leader of Skooppa

  9. JadeBlade

    JadeBlade Adherent

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