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Discussion in 'Members & Staff' started by jcerious, May 23, 2006.

  1. Wile E

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    I am a very new admin, promoted from moderator.

    I noticed an influx of the alphabet names, .ru addresses and link spammers since around April 13th. I don't know if they just discovered us then or they discovered a way around the image validation around that date. It seems like everyone has been seeing an influx of these "members" in the past couple months.

    Another admin who just handles the coding and server issues is looking into other means of preventing these spammers, in the meantime I got the go ahead from the site owner to delete all these members and ban a few of the most common addresses. But I noticed another type of spammer that I haven't seen mentioned here. Their email is always alex@somethingorother. Often the @address is the site they are promoting but it's always different (one was obviously referring to porn). I can't seem to ban alex@*, is there some other way to do it? I use phpBB. I am leery of wildcard banning "alex" because a legitimate member could have that in their user name/email. They usually don't post, perhaps because the email is phony and they can't validate, so for now I am just deleting them.

    Thanks for any input. This site has been a big help to me.
  2. Sampanviking

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    It seems everybody has the same story. I was hit by load of these before my IPB Board was Hacked twice in May. I think the Spam Bots are trying to open accounts to exploit HTML and other Upload/Browser weaknesses in order to Hijack and Infect the Site.

    I have performed numerous upgrades and tightened security. Now they seem unable to verify and I just check daily and remove them (Cashette too, but I have no idea who they are??)
  3. Cyburbia

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    You run the risk of blocking registration from everyone at a public university in New Jersey; they have addresses in the form of [name]@[college].rutgers.edu. It's better to block the individual .ru domains (mail.ru, rambler.ru, etc.).
  4. Adrian

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    I seem to have a few signups from .ru and @cashette.com email addresses.

    I think all of those accounts are still waiting email validation, maybe they are spam accounts?

  5. martinwebdev

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    Unfortunately, I've had too much experience with these ".ru" registrations. While some of them are valid, the majority of them are not.

  6. jcerious

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    No, no that's not right. If you block *.ru - that means it has to end in .ru. And yours ends in .edu. Yes, I see what you're saying that there is also a ".ru" in ".rutgers", but it also has "tgers" at the end of it.

    You would have to have an additional wildcard for "rutgers" to be included. For that to happen you'd have to type it like this: *.ru* - that's the only way "rutgers" could be included.

    If you type just *.ru - that means anything before the dot, but ONLY "ru" after it. No "rutgers" no "rutgers.edu" no nothing... just "ru".

    ru getting this!?

    Plus, there is an infinite number of .ru domains just like there is an infinite number of .com names. You'd never be able to block them all.
  7. Cyburbia

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    No. If you use vBulletin and enable "aggressive email banning," anyone with the string ".ru" in their address won't be able to register, including those from .rutgers.edu. From the vBulletin control panel:

    If aggressive banning isn't enabled, .ru will block .ru. If you have aggressive banning turned on - a must if you're using keywords in your banned email address list -- .ru will block .rutgers.edu as well.
  8. KarlH

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    Just completely ban them and delete the accounts, they do all sorts of damage to your forum.
  9. Hangman

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    Yerp, Karl and I have wildcarded them.
  10. arnie

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    I often to forget to check the list of members awaiting validation of email addresses and haven't looked for a couple of months. Inspired by this thread I looked and found that 50% had given a "@mail.ru" address so I deleted them all. Thanks, guys!
  11. pmja

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    I've just been reading the posts here, and I wanted to share what it is I do to keep spammers off my site. I simply copy and paste their username into Google. If it comes back with pages of forums they've signed up for, I delete them. No one has that much time to be registered to pages of forums! Sometimes their name doesn't show up for a day or two, but no one has complained about having to wait a day or two before they're activated on the site. So far, this has worked well for me.

  12. East Hill

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    pmja's post made me laugh--it's how I got to this site in the first place. I can't remember what name I was searching, but it led me to a thread at the AdminZone. Nowadays I perform a Google search on the suspect, and if I see 8 or 9 pages all with the same name, saying 'view profile', I know it's a spammer.

    Just for fun, I performed a Google search on "East Hill". I've used this name on two other boards. I got bored after going through 17 pages without seeing myself pop up. It's comforting to know that I am not yet in the ranks of the spammers :tup: .

    East Hill
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