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  1. EddieC

    EddieC Adherent

    How about completing reviews in the order they were requested?

    I find it very annoying that I've been waiting almost two weeks to have my site reviewed, just to see someone else who has joined & made the minimum number of posts required to qualify have theirs reviewed within three days.
  2. Justin

    Justin *Insert witty title here*

    Eddie, I'm sorry you are upset. The review team will work on your review as soon as possible.
  3. EddieC

    EddieC Adherent

    I just think it would be a good idea in general to complete reviews in the order they were requested, seems the fairest way really.
  4. Scrubs

    Scrubs I STILL Blame EdenRat

    Look Eddie we all understand where you're coming from we really do but, all the other reviews have been claimed (including yours) and Pokemon Sun was the only remaining review. It just so happened I got it finished before everyone else.
  5. TrixieTang

    TrixieTang Custom User Title

    Here's how the review team works.

    1. Someone requests a review of their forum.
    2. The request is approved and added to the review backlog.
    3. A reviewer "claims" the oldest entry in the backlog.
    4. The reviewer reviews the forum and writes their review.
    5. The reviewer completes the review and posts it in the review request thread.

    Unfortunately not all reviews can be completed in the same amount of time and sometimes circumstances can result in individual reviewers getting behind on writing reviews, and as a result reviews will not always be posted in the order that the requests were received.
  6. Lochie

    Lochie TAZ Enthusiast

    In some circumstances forums can go unclaimed for up to a week, this was the case with your forum. I claimed your review approximately a week ago. I am currently in the process of writing a detailed review, completely free of charge, if you'd like I can complete it much quicker but can't guarantee the quality.

    If I give you a sub-par review it essentially defeats the whole purpose of the review, being to improve your community.
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