Revenue: Basics for Generating Revenue from a Forum

By Kathy · Feb 25, 2006 ·
  1. Kathy

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    Kathy submitted a new Article:

    Revenue: Basics for Generating Revenue from a Forum

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  2. Sculli

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    I think this is an incomplete statement. I am sure we can agree that revenue depends on how much the keywords pay out. On my site (, 12k page views generate on average $1.20 from Adsense. Why? Because the Adsense ads I get are the rock bottom of the payscale.
  3. Kathy

    Kathy Tazmanian Veteran

    The next paragraph explains this:

    I agree...which is why I said in my experience this is average....I know other sites that gain more than this. I know others that are below it.
  4. Isaac

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    Very good article. :)
  5. Jarritos

    Jarritos Aspirant

    Great article..thanks a lot
  6. dynn

    dynn Aspirant

    good acticle...this is where i should start...
  7. tintin

    tintin Participant

    Good to read. thank you. :)
  8. hovercrafter

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    Google Adsense pays depending on the ads their site crawler gives you (based on keywords) and the clicks. It takes a lot of page loads to get the page impression pay. I have actually had ads that paid 25 bucks a click (only once but I about fell over). Most ads are 10 cents to 2 bucks.

    Now the Google referrals are nice, especially the Firefox w/ Google toolbar. If someone downloads FF from that button (and never had it before) then you get a dollar. Also the AdSense referral isn't a bad deal. Basically if someone clicks over from your site and signs up for AdSense and their site makes $100 within 90 days then you also get $100.

    I haven't done to bad using the ad program. You can select which product you want to promote on your site and then you get a commission off of products people buy from that link. If you are running a smaller/closer community then you can also set up your own Cafepress for free and sell items with your site logo and make some what decent money off of it (enough to help pay for the site).
  9. TheMask

    TheMask Aspirant

    great article .Thanks .
  10. PoySian

    PoySian Aspirant

    Thats a very good piece of info there.
    Thanks a ton.
    I myself a forum owner, do not get much revenue.
    Will try to implement these tricks now.
  11. Participant

    Another article that just hits it right between the eyes. From experience it takes at least 20 000 pageviews to make a decent amount (if you're unlucky enough to have very low paying keywords)
  12. GeorgeB.

    GeorgeB. ............

    When I first read this a long time ago I wanted to kill myself :(
  13. rich_uk

    rich_uk Enthusiast

    My Project for life

    Great article Kathy especially the above part-quoted text which I could totally relate to.

    I would like to add to this post some thoughts of my own situation. I have been running acapellas4u for nearly 4 yours and the first 2 were all about passion, building the site up, just continuos improvements. Then (and I'm not sure when exactly) but I guess I maybe started hitting from some negative points which come with owning a forum and being an active Admin, and I guess overtime once I first started realising that I could make a few pennies from being an Adsense member I guess I can clearly say that since then my passion and direction has been gradually steering to generating more revenue each month. And that sounds when I read it back. But that's just the way it's gone so far. I won't say how well the site does every month but I COULD go part-time in work for sure - but just how long is this ol' internet gonna be around for huh! :)

    I'd just like to say that owning a forum has enabled myself to really gain such a wide and varied number of skills and experience with so many scripts and people I've met (freelancers) along the way. I feel that I have tried so many different ideas on the forums that I almost feel like I've exhausted any more avenues... there are ideas I have but I just don't know if I have the motivation..

    A final message to all the newer admins amonst us (without at all sounding big-headed) is this: Enjoy your trip and it is a trip. Forum's are great fun and it's amazing how much you can learn from human behavioural patterns in owning one.. yes there are ups and downs but all of that compared to a weekly update of a MySpace site ?? nah, no thanks..

    p.s Sorry if this is written poorly - I had to keep coming back from it (hiding behind the ALT-TAB world whilst @ work)
  14. jaderollie

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    Do not waste your time and resources building a forum community for the purpose of providing yourself a salary. You may be sorely disappointed. Build your forum community out of a passion that ignites an excitement for a new community that is needed. If the community flourishes, the traffic swells, the membership grows and if the search engines are kind, you may find a little extra in your pocket after you have paid your hosting fees. But don't count on it.

    Build the site. Get traffic. Lots of traffic. Nourish your community daily for a couple of years while you see the numbers climb upward both in page views, members registering and advertising income. Build a community with passion for a topic not a lust for money and you won't be disappointed

    this is exactly wot i want on my forums ;)
    though im gonna try to gain some money for costs, it doesnt really bother me if i dont make anything, i just want to be the best site out there ;)
  15. StewartRoonie

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    This is truly awesome information. Thanks a ton for sharing it... :)
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