Revenue: Adsense & Forums? Placement is Profit

By Ted S · Jul 30, 2004 ·
  1. Ted S

    Ted S Tazmanian Master

    Ted S submitted a new Article:

    Revenue: Adsense & Forums? Placement is Profit

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  2. GeorgeB.

    GeorgeB. ............

    This was a great article first off.

    I think it would have been even more beneficial to ad links to some of the hacks or style mods you used to make the changes. Or maybe even included a few quick instructs. I am an adsense success story. I made enough my first time out to actually get a check from google and the clicks keep a coming. Thing is that all from one ad placement on my front page. I'm hoping to double my monthly revenue (ok so im pushing my luck) by adding ads in other places that are within googles terms of use. Below posts before the quick reply, etc.
  3. traderx

    traderx Aspirant

    I would like to learn how to place the ad right after the first post and only the first post.... any help?
  4. contactsonia

    contactsonia Enthusiast

  5. kilcher

    kilcher Devotee

    I've only skimmed the article but I didn't see the archive mentioned. I make more from the AdSense ads in my archive than I do on my board.
  6. Ted S

    Ted S Tazmanian Master

    You are absolutely right, the archive is a great place to use adsense. I guess I need to update my article to reflect this better.
  7. vprp

    vprp Enthusiast

    I totally agree with this. The number of page views for my archive is small compared to my forum as a whole but it still generates more revenue than everything else combined.

    Putting AdSense after the first post is nice but the Archive is even more important.
  8. TheWebJunkie

    TheWebJunkie Adherent

    very nice article ted thanks for taking the time to write it and share the great info with us :)
  9. Sniper

    Sniper Look behind you!

    hey Ted

    how does the second post advert do? would you say you make a decent amount from it?

    i would agree with your placement on the left...
  10. Ted S

    Ted S Tazmanian Master

    Does it work? Well, it brings in some revenue... if it's your only adsense placement on the page it will bring in a nice amount of revenue. Will you see a ctr that is anything like what your archive has (or even a skyscraper on your page), probably not. In my experience it's a good thing to have, especially for guests, as it brings in a little money here and there while also offering an incentive for people to register and sign in.
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