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Discussion in 'Members & Staff' started by phoenixdown21, Mar 29, 2004.

  1. phoenixdown21

    phoenixdown21 The Man with the Plan

    What, if any, privledges do you give your retired mods? [question out of curiosity]
  2. NetDoc

    NetDoc Chairman of the Board

    Something seems to "click" when my mods step down... they seem to become a problem. Some do just fine and some have corrected their bad behaviours but a few are now banned. It's sad to lose a friend like that.
  3. AngelAmidala

    AngelAmidala Adherent

    We're about 50/50 on that mod's going "crazy" after stepping down. A few have gone completely wonky. Others haven't.

    We haven't actually given former mods any special privileges. It's definitely something to consider though.
  4. Kathy

    Kathy Tazmanian Veteran

    We give our alumni mods a special "alumni staff" badge which gives them honor and other privileges.

    Many of our alumni mods stick around and help out and are great. They are part of the community and helpful. They are well thought-of, great reputations within the community. We want them to stick around and pitch in.

    Some want access to the mod private forum. In fact, this forum is the reason many don't want to step down when its time for them to go...because they aren't doing the work of a mod. They just hang out in the lounge. :yikes: We don't provide private forums for alumni mods.

    We also have seen our share of alumni mods go wonky. Some will report posts to the staff with instructions on what to do with a particular post that they no longer can manage without their mod tool belt.

    Others will remind members in their posts "I was a mod here...."

    A few alumni mods have gone crazy...following me from forum to forum and copy/pasting my words back to a private forum or two they have just for this purpose. They are obsessed and unhinged as far as I'm concerned. I'll be glad when all evidence of them even caring about my online activity is gone. They are nuts (with lots of anger thrown in). I feel sorry for them that they have nothing better to do than to follow me.

    I have one alumni mod right now that I have had to email on several occasions for out and out breaking TOS and I don't think its malicious. I think she just doesn't think about the guidelines and tries to post stuff that will get her attention. (She posts copyrighted articles which we don't allow. Copy/paste a snip of the article with a link to the original website page for the whole thing...) She has also written a long good bye thread. I think she was hoping everyone would try to persuade her not to go. No one did. After 3 pages of good-byes and waves and hugs...she turned her status to invisible and lurks. And a few days go by and she posts with a wave "I got online quickly to say hello!"...

    Benefits and privileges for alumni mods? I don't think its best at our forum with the exception of their title out of honor. Many of my mods are subscribers so they get the perks of normal upgraded memberships anyway.

    We have great mods...and most are great alumni mods. But for us, there are no special privileges...except their badge of honor. :yup:
  5. NetDoc

    NetDoc Chairman of the Board

    Kathy... that's a keen idea... "Moderator Alumni" would make for a good title for some of them. Maybe even make them remember to stay in line. :D
  6. Mike Feury

    Mike Feury Habitué

    I'm probably odd-man-out here, judging by many threads, but I've never faced the retired mod situation. They all remained good and active until the boards closed. Same with the mod team at my host--we've all been mods and active since the launch over 2 years ago.

    You don't want wacky mods around of course, but for good former mods, I'd consider making them "Mentors" if they were particularly knowledgeable about an area.

    We currently have 5 Mentors at my host's board. They all came from the membership--people with expertise in particular areas who posted a lot of helpful stuff consistently over months.

    We see it as a way of acknowledging their contribution, which will also hopefully encourage them to remain active. Everybody's been very happy with it since we did it about a year ago.

    They get some perks on their hosting account, plus we have a private Mentor's section which includes Lounge and FAQ Development forums.
  7. It really depends on the situation. Typically none, but if they are stepping down just due to lack of time and not due to any problems related to the board I will allow them to continue to have access to the admin forum and give their input there.

    If they stop giving input there then I remove that access as well. So far I've had two that I've allowed to keep that access. One of those I did remove the access from later as they didn't remain very activeon the board in general.
  8. Vilandra

    Vilandra Banshee

    I usually resize their custom avatar (we use bigger sizes for mods) so they can keep that but still not confuse members as to who is a mod.

  9. Cromm Cruac

    Cromm Cruac Adherent

    Same as you Vilandra: should my mods step down then letting them keep their bigger mod avatars is the least I can do.
  10. NetDoc

    NetDoc Chairman of the Board

    I just rant his concept past my current mods... WOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOO, they didn't like it, and were QUITE vocal about it. I was told it would be like slapping the current mods in the face!
  11. Kathy

    Kathy Tazmanian Veteran


    I'm confused....but that happens sometimes. ;) Which concept did you run by your current mods? The keeping the mod avatar size?
  12. NetDoc

    NetDoc Chairman of the Board

    [guote]We give our alumni mods a special "alumni staff" badge which gives them honor and other privileges[/quote] THIS idea... :D I really liked it. The bitterness is intense over the former mods.
  13. That seems a little odd that mods would be that upset that other mods would get something to honor them. But at the same time I can kinda understand since they don't always understand why the other mod is stepping down and often take it as a lack of respect for your board (since they don't know the circumstances) and don't feel that the mods deserve anything.

    I have a case like that on my board, where a mod stepped down due to lack of time and one of my other mods is still pissy about that because she feels like that mod was lying about why she stepped down (she took it as a slap in the face TO HER)... but then I've having a lot of issues with this particular mod at the moment.
  14. edshuck

    edshuck Adherent

    I can only speak for me.

    I was an "advisor" at SitePoint and I loved it.

    My other commitments required that I leave the task to others.

    I loved SitePoint and support and recommend it at every chance I get.

  15. awmut

    awmut Aspirant

    I was a Mentor at SitePoint, and a few months after that I sold my website. The section I was a Mentor of was the Revenue/Promotion side. After about a month or two I realized that since I no longer had my website, I didn't know all the ins/outs of it as I did before. I still read to keep up with it all, but I didn't feel like I should have been giving advise if I wasn't doing it myself. I stepped down from it shortly after.

    I like how they have it set up. They give you a taste of what it's like before actually giving you moderating privileges. This way you'll have time to actually decide if you want to do it. I think that works more on larger communities though.
  16. snowman

    snowman Enthusiast

    <clears throat and prepares to preach. :) >

    On the issue of a Retired mod who then goes nutso/wacky/nasty and only this issue:

    Are you mature enough and open minded enough to carefully examine your initial decision to promote from member to mod?

    Go back and look. I guarnatee you that some of these cases where a mod retires and then goes wacky is because they never should have been a mod in the first place. And thats your fault and not theirs.

    It's painfull! It's a marvelous way to enhance your hiring skills and Iv'e done it and learned a great deal about who to hire and who not to hire. Lessons learned in the trenches which make all my current promotions sooooo much better than they were before.

    Good luck to all!


  17. Scribbller

    Scribbller The dude

    We have three retired mods in say 6 months and only one of them was demoted for turning his back on our forum the other two left because of commitments to their studies.
  18. _UT_

    _UT_ Participant

    LOL. How about retired admins and mods that go wacky! The guy I co admin with and myself were starting to think we were the only ones with this issue. Sadly it seems to happen everywhere. We now have no past mods with viewing/posting access to the mods room, for they started to become cocky with the other members in main reminding them they used to be mods and also discussing important behind the scenes issue in main and causing friction with the mods we have now. That wasn't all of them but most of them however we decided to revoke all of the past mods access. It started to become a case of 'past vet mods' and 'recently retired mods' and which group should still have it. Then it started to snowball from there. Once more we are very lucky to have a great person who owns the site and agreed after consideration to trust our judgement as long as he is updated on everything that goes on. With which we happily do. Once again I'm glad it's not just us (please take that the right way). :)
  19. Mist

    Mist Enthusiast

    When one of my Forum Leaders goes, they are generally moved back to the 'advanced' membergroup. When a moderator/admin leaves us, then generally, they are moved to a sort of 'retired' group. This group still has the ability to view the mod forum.

    Though this isn't a guaranteed thing, I like to do it when there are no hard feelings, and I know the ex-staffer still can contribute some good to staff discussion.

    We have a lot of Forum Leaders that come and go, most of the time they leave due to them not being active enough. Our staff are carefully chosen to be mature and responsible, so when we do un-staff them, they are understanding, even though sometimes a little dissapointed, and the worst that happens is that we gradually see a decline in their posting, until they vanish entirely. Some do make a return a year or so back, and seem to enjoy themselves here posting as a regular member.

    Mods/admins tend to be FL's that have worked their way up, and don't often leave, so our retired group is pretty small.
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