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  1. fixer

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    using retina display to design graphic is very difficult as pixel dimensions as you know it are multiplied by 200%

    i find it very hard to make small items clear... the olny way im happy is if i design @ 3 times the size of desired dimensions and use html to pull image down to size for example 40x40 i would make the image 120x120 then use html or css to display @ 40x40

    Screen Shot 2018-07-04 at 8.25.18 PM.png
    I made the fox news image , if i made it the 40x40 it would be blurry

    am i the only one who is having trouble with this? im not happy with a lot of the images i make when it comes to sharpness , because of my retina display it makes good things look bad
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  2. Echo

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    Are you using Photoshop to make the images?
  3. fixer

    fixer I'm In My Prime

  4. PoetJC

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    You cannot resize raster images smaller or larger in PhotoShop, hoping to keep the higher quality image sharpness intact.

    You'd need to design in an application like Illustrator -- I actually use PhotoImpact X3 -- if you're hoping to keep the quality of a vector image that can be resized without loosing quality. PhotoImpact has a rather nice "Sharpen" functionality that can better increase the quality of resized raster images without compromising their resolution too badly. Surely PhotoShop has a sharpen tool? IDK, as I'm not too familiar with it...

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  5. we_are_borg

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  6. Apple

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    To be quite honest, I'm not a fan of photoshop when it comes to making logos and things. I only use Photoshop if I absolutely have to like in the event someone sends me a PSD to edit. Illustrator is intended for making vector graphics and logos, so I recommend using it if you have the option.

    You can save your vector image then as an SVG instead of a png. Depending of course on how you're using it. An svg file is a web vector and will automatically scale to different resolutions. We've used an SVG for our site's logo. :)

    Oh and you can download a vector (.eps) of the Fox Logo from Brands of the World to open in Illustrator. I work with some international companies, and sometimes getting a vector from them takes ages, or near impossible because they think I can use a teeny jpg for a billboard graphic lol. Someone pointed out Brands of the World at work once, and I was like "holy ****." Saves a lot of time XD.
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