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Discussion in 'Internet and Technology' started by gonzalo h, Jun 13, 2017.

  1. gonzalo h

    gonzalo h Aspirant

    any successful/active forums established in 2016-2017?
  2. BrandonSheley

    BrandonSheley loving life

  3. gonzalo h

    gonzalo h Aspirant

    I'm sorry but this does not answer my question :) what I mean was were there any forums started in 2016-2017 that are active. (not popular necessarily but active user base) The reason I ask is I learned that the early 2000's was a boom for forums but I am curious about recently established ones.
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  4. bomb

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  5. gonzalo h

    gonzalo h Aspirant

    Interesting :einstein: but what about forums in the U.S Canada UK etc. any ones established in 2016-2017 that are active?
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  6. zappaDPJ

    zappaDPJ Administrator

    I suspect the lack of response is probably indicative of just how hard it is to get any new forum active these days.
  7. Kevin

    Kevin Oooh, something shiny!

    Or it is indicative of...
    • (a) The admins/owners of the forums aren't here on TAZ to see & reply to this thread;
    • (b) and/or that Brandon already answered that there are no known tools listing forum startup dates that is searchable;
    • (c) and/or when somebody else gave an answer the OP gave them a 'thumbs down' for no apparent reason and then added an addendum to the topic dealing with just a certain region.
    Which, combined, may lead some people to see this thread and move on.
  8. mysiteguy

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    I've got one, a great busy community, traffic is growing 30-40% every year.

    Another I bought which was dead for several years, down to less than 5 posts per week, and have turned it around. Anywhere from 25-100 posts per day, and climbing. This year was the big turning point after a lot of work traffic is growing really well.

    Next, I'm going to focus on another to grow. That's what I do, 23 years experience at this. Many of people who say forums are dying its because they got into it seeing the cash-out phase that began in 2007, thinking it's an easy route to $ucce$$. Its not, it takes hard, smart work, but can be very rewarding. The forum market is over saturated, you have to know how to stand out.
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  9. gonzalo h

    gonzalo h Aspirant

    I'm so sorry I did not mean to thumb down I thought that this emoji :tdown: was a thinking emoji (can't see through my tiny screen) my bad :)
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  10. gonzalo h

    gonzalo h Aspirant

    congradulations on your sucess :) were they established in 2016-2017? may i see the links
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