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Discussion in 'Community Organization' started by _| () R | Z, Feb 23, 2004.

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    I once registerd on a yabbse board to be able to download some software from that company. I forgot all about it and when i returned 1 year later i couldnt remember what my loginame was. Yabbse only lets you change your password if you can remember your login name (really smart function :rolleyes:). So then i emailed the webmaster if he could tell me what my login name was (i always register with the same email so that wasnt a problem.

    He replied with my username...................and my f*ck*ng(#%&^) password!
    I use that password for many, many things so i was really pissed off.

    So here's the question; like in the old vbulletin versions (pre 2.0.3) are you able to see members passwords in yabbse? Coz if this is true then ill never register on a yabbse board again.
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    You have to assume that anywhere you register, your password is subject to viewing by someone... Granted that's not the way it always is (In my own apps I always one-way hash user's password), but you have to assume so. Keeping different passwords is a pain, but it's the best way to be safe.

    We had an employee who was stealing from us once and during the investigation I discovered one of his passwords. From there, I managed to get into his etrade, local bank and webmail accounts all with that one password. Let that be a warning!
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