Programming your own forums?

Discussion in 'Forum Software' started by Chit_n_Chat, Jun 27, 2005.

  1. Chit_n_Chat

    Chit_n_Chat Habitué

    Is it possible, if so how hard is it to acchive, how long would it take?
  2. Zachery

    Zachery Moo

    Sure, well, can you program? In perl or php or asp ? do you know SQL and or other Database LAnguages?
  3. GeorgeB.

    GeorgeB. ............

    These are the questions you must answer on the road to true enlightenment grasshoppa. :D
  4. z3n

    z3n Fan


    I could release an alpha in less than two weeks if properly motivated.
    But why? There are plenty of free and payfor packages available.
  5. MGM

    MGM vBulletin Guru

    I'd say dont bother. The internet is saturated with hundreds of different forum software. I'd say, unless you have something really innovative, dont bother as it'd be a waste of time. You may end up with a small band of people loving the thing but it'd never grow to, say, the size of MyBB or phpBB or vBulletin

    MGM out
  6. PriMaL

    PriMaL Enthusiast

    You never know.
  7. PGN

    PGN TrentTech Founder

    I've done that once, but I made it REALLY basic and it was one of those forums that you could just post threads in, there wasn't a listing of individual boards, and there was no AdminCP
  8. Ian Griffiths

    Ian Griffiths Habitué

    It will always be years behind the well established software but you of course get complete control over what goes in.

    If your aim is light and fast then it may be an avenue worth exploring. It needs to scale well though, and be secure.
  9. Lee Davies

    Lee Davies Habitué

    I'm going to go totally the opposite of what has been said.

    Program your own forums if you can!


    Well, sure it's nice to have a pre-built script thats nice a secure.. but I think that would be a bit hollow.

    Theres nothing like saying "I programmed this" or "Heres one I made earlier".

    If you've got the time, and money isn't an issue (with testing, delays etc) then go for it. I know if I ever get the hang of any language I definately will!

    You may also want to check out this thread =)
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