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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by cgunderground, Jan 6, 2004.

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    Hello, is the new project and is open to the public, but I have not officially launched the forum/site. News articles, mass mails, etc.. I am slowly building the content, finding some niche users, staff, etc..

    It is a graphic forum that is using the vb 3.00 RC2 version. I have a backend forums for admins ready to roll, and some stock forums up with posting guidlines. I think most of my basis are covered but just want to make sure.

    I think there might be a few buttons to customize, but any hacks, or options you guys would suggest?


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    I think that generally if it's a graphics related forum, the forum should be fairly customised (not necessarily in structure, but in design) so it should have more graphics, not too many but I think it should look more graphical than the average vB3 stock installation. Some customization wouldn't hurt either, something that sets a forum apart from others is a unique style of structure, such as a unique postbit arrangement, something different.

    Another little suggestion is to tabulate the text/images at the bottom of the forum. Currently it's black text on dark grey background and is hard to read.

    That's just my suggestions :).
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    also note that these days there are really lots of these forums. if you want it to be succesfull then you really should implent some cool features etc that other sites dont have. the more features, the more people will join and stay.
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