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  1. Zylantex

    Zylantex Fan

    I'm considering starting up a new humour website. My general idea is that each page content would be a single image or text funny with navigation to next, previous or random. Possible menu with categories on a top or sidebar.

    Can anybody suggest a software platform ?

    Many thanks.
  2. Maddox

    Maddox Moderator

    What platform you will need will depend on what you want in terms of content interaction and whether you will be the sole provider of the content, or if you want others to contribute as well. I presume you want comments?

    You could use WordPress, you could also use a forum software with a gallery and make some changes as to how they work together. You could also use Facebook and create a page for this purpose; you will have a ready made audience there. You could also use YouTube and create a channel, though you would have to make your images into a video format (loads of software out there for that purpose).

    Loads of options available so it's down to finding one that fits your purpose and delivers what you want.

    I used Xenforo for my current site (link in signature) but removed the forum side and used a third party plugin to deliver what I wanted. Forum software can be very versatile when you can change it to fit your needs.

    Have a think and explore Google using your criteria as a search pattern. Use the Google tools to narrow down your search and focus on what you want to eliminate the dross that gets caught up in the mix.

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  3. Zylantex

    Zylantex Fan

    My first thought was that Wordpress could be the solution but it seemed very timeline/linear in its format.
    I utterly despise Facebook so that's a non-runner for me.
    The Youtube idea is interesting but I'd rather not get into bed with them either. I want to maintain full control of the whole operation.
    Forum software could be a runner. I'll look into that and see what's available to manipulate gallery contents.

    I would have replied earlier but I got sucked into watching Mrs. Brown. :D Great site btw.
  4. Bhavesh Ramburn

    Bhavesh Ramburn Quantity Surveyor

    in this day and age you have to give up some control to get followers. We rely heavily on Google and Facebook for our customers. This isn't great but this is what you have to do at first.

    I think there was a post on ycombinator or something like that years ago regarding launching your site/product/service on a platform and taper off afterwards.

    Tinder is a good example of a product launched on a social media platform.
    It's easier than creating your own audience.
  5. Sheena Rustomji

    Sheena Rustomji Neophyte

    I suggest to go for Wordpress which have flexibility to do almost everything :)
  6. ChrisTERiS

    ChrisTERiS Developer

    If it was just images, then for sure the best fit for your case should be a HotOrNot Clone. But as you said you also want text posts. My opinion is to choose the best HotOrNot style script with all modern features available (Social sharing, Responsive design etc) and then find someone at or similar site to modify it. Adding code to accept text posts in addition to images is not so complicated and will not costs you a lot of money.
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